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43 Thanksgiving Appetizers to Get Your Feast Started

For many, the star of the show on Thanksgiving is the turkey; the sides are a close second and the desserts are essential for finishing off the feast. But, what about something exciting to nibble on before the big meal?

It may seem like an overabundance of eats, but if done right, serving a few little bites before the feast won’t spoil any appetites and has a bounty of other benefits. Setting out snacks will keep guests occupied, ensures they don’t get too hungry, gives people a place to congregate — which helps keep them out of the kitchen —

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Time-restricted eating synced with circadian rhythms aids weight loss

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A new study suggests that weight gain due to food consumption at inappropriate times may be attributed to impaired thermogenesis. Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Eating at odd times of day is associated with increased food intake and elevated risk of obesity.
  • A new study in mice suggests that increased weight gain due to food consumption at inappropriate times may be attributed to impaired thermogenesis, the process of burning calories to release heat, by adipocytes or fat cells.
  • The adipocytes showed rhythmic changes in the levels of thermogenesis that aligned with the light-dark cycles, and
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Delicious recipes and where to donate extras

Halloween is all about creative costumes, hayrides, parties, haunted houses and candy. So much candy.

If you’re like us and your kids come home with so many pounds of candy they can barely carry the bag, you may be tempted to toss some in the trash (sorry, kids). We’re here to show you there are plenty of ways to use up their stash and make it so you’re not eating Halloween candy beyond New Year’s Eve.  

Whether you bake it, melt it, paint with it or donate it, there are so many options for leftover Halloween candy. Here are 13

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5 Plant-Based Foods Trending on TikTok in 2022!

On the food side of TikTok, there are some seriously delicious and creative trends that you won’t want to miss out on. TikTok’s food hacks are constantly evolving, and while some trends are questionable, there’s a reason why so many of these recipes have gained popularity on the app.

Here are 5 foods trending on TikTok in 2022 that are worth trying!

1. Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry Smoothie

@missremiashten how to make the @Hailey Bieber @Erewhon Market ♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s strawberry smoothie has been trending all over social media. However, if you don’t live in Los Angeles

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Experts Have Beef with Study Linking Depression and Vegetarian Diet

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Health experts raise questions about new research that suggests vegans and vegetarians experience depressive episodes twice as often as meat-eaters. Vertikala/Stocksy
  • A new study has found a link between meatless diets and depressive episodes.
  • People who did not eat meat were depressed about two times as often.
  • It was not possible to determine whether this was due to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Nutritionists say certain nutrients may be more difficult to obtain on a meatless diet.
  • However, meatless diets can be nutritionally adequate with good planning.

According to a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective

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