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Easy appetizers for holiday parties

Now’s that time of the year when it feels like someone has pressed the time-lapse button and everything is moving at triple speed. Many of us are feeling the pinch: not having enough hours in the day yet also wanting to slow down and spend time with people we love (or at least like a lot).

And then there is the meal planning. And maybe the party planning. And perhaps houseguests, or family members returning home for the holidays.

Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you how busy you are. So… how can we do some light entertaining, without

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Bad Ass: Coffee shop with provocative name opens in Alabama city months after official claimed vulgarity

Amy Schnitzler stopped into Orange Beach’s newest coffee shop on Friday, familiar with the brand and its catchy name.

“I wished I was here tomorrow to get a free T-shirt that has ‘Bad Ass’ on it,” Schnitzler, of River Falls, Wisconsin, who was vacationing this week on the Alabama Gulf Coast said of a give-a-way tomorrow.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is holding a two-day grand opening at its small coffee shop within a strip mall along Canal Road.

The opening comes approximately five months after the coffee shop’s name stirred reaction in Orange Beach after city officials, following a

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Are Your Choosing Low-Fat, Fat-Free Or Diet Foods? Nutritionist Explains Why You Should Avoid These Labels

Best Red Velvet Ice Cream Recipe

This creamy homemade red velvet ice cream is made with a buttermilk base and cocoa powder for that iconic chocolatey, tangy red velvet flavor. It’s an ideal treat for Valentine’s Day and beyond. A cream cheese frosting is crucial to red velvet, so we added a swirl of the frosting throughout and crumbled some red velvet cake in too so you get bits in every bite. You can make your own cake or buy a few cupcakes from a local bakery to make it even easier.

When churning your ice cream, be sure to scrape the sides down. A lot

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New food diets aim to reduce climate impact

Illustration of a world-shaped barcode sticker on a package of asparagus

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Move over, locavores: A slew of new labels — from “climavore” to “reducetarian” — reflect the trend of people eating with sustainability in mind to reduce their climate “foodprint.”

Why it matters: Food manufacturers, restaurants, and supermarkets are racing to cater to the zeal for lower-carbon eating choices, which has people eschewing plastic packaging, ingredients flown in from afar, and foods that are environmentally damaging to produce.

  • While there’s plenty of disagreement about what to avoid, top villains include faves like red meat, chocolate, avocados, sugar, and — gasp — coffee.
  • The “eat local” mantra is being
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