23 Delicious Vegan Appetizers for Every Occasion

23 Delicious Vegan Appetizers for Every Occasion

7. Tater Tots

Photo: Damn Delicious

Tater tots are a family favorite, and making them at home is as simple as boiling, grating, and frying until golden.

8. Broccoli Tots

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Photo: Healthy Little Foodies

Something of an older sibling to the classic tater tot, these bites feature broccoli and almond meal. Switch the suggested eggs for an alternative to keep things in vegan territory.

9. Baked French Fries

Photo: Well Plated

French fries. Need we say more? Bake a batch of this single-ingredient snack for a surefire crowd-pleaser.

10. Avocado Tartar

vegan appetizers

Photo: The First Mess

This plant-based bite relies on avocado, onions, and capers to mimic the taste and texture of meat-based tartars. Serve with sliced roasted beets and dukkah on crostini.

11. Honey Sesame Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

Photo: The Wandering Chickpea

Fried chickpeas tossed with honey, soy sauce, lime juice, and sesame seeds make the perfect filling for a snackable (and healthy) lettuce cup.

12. Eggplant Roll-Ups

Photo: This Savory Vegan

Cauliflower rice rolled up in eggplant and served with marinara is a rich, yet nutritious, appetizer.

13. Hummus

Photo: The Kitchen Girl

Hummus! The ultimate Med staple blends chickpeas, tahini, and more into an additive dip that would pair well with most of the items on this list. Serve with pita, veggies, falafel, and more.

14. Zucchini Fritters

Photo: Minimalist Baker

These zucchini, quinoa, and chickpea patties can serve as a vehicle for vegetarian toppings, or a standalone, dip-ready snack.

15. Buffalo Cauliflower

vegan appetizers

Photo: Shane & Simple

Who needs chicken when you have cauliflower? Air-fried or baked florets smothered in buffalo sauce provide the ideal combination of tender, crispy, and spicy.

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