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Top resources for food contamination

As part of our new Food Contamination special feature, we’ve carefully compiled a selection of the latest techniques and technologies helping to optimize safety and quality across every stage of food production. 

Read on to discover top resources covering issues such as overcoming the complexities of pesticide residue testing, how to increase your GC-MS/MS sensitivity and using Raman microscopy for advanced food packaging characterization — you’ll also learn about a workflow to analyze cannabis brownies, a tool for easily determining fat and protein content in plant-based foods and much more.  Plus, don’t forget to register for this week’s webinar on benchtop NMR solutions for measuring oil, fats, and food components. 

Ingrid Hayenga Merck

FOOD SAFETY: Overcoming the challenges of pesticide analysis

Dr. Ingrid Hayenga, global product manager for environmental standards at Merck, discusses the increasing complexities of pesticide residue testing and highlights a collection of reference material designed to help customers achieve compliance amid increasing regulations globally.    


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Amadeo Fernandex-Alba, Agilent

PESTICIDE ANALYSIS: Increase your GC-MS/MS sensitivity and throughput

Amadeo Fernandez-Alba, Head of the EURL for Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables, reveals how the Intuvo 9000 GC System from Agilent Technologies helps overcome common GC-MS/MS workflow challenges such as low sensitivity and long run time.  


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RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY: Advanced packaging and polymer characterization 

Watch this free on-demand webinar to discover the Raman microscopy solutions from HORIBA that allow scientists to obtain complete characterization data for polymer films, from defect analysis to multilayer materials characterization.


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Cannabis brownies Restek

PESTICIDES: An effective workflow for the complex analysis of cannabis brownies

Learn more about how Restek helped to develop an effective workflow for the analysis of pesticides & mycotoxins in cannabis brownies using LC-MS-MS and GC-MS/MS, which delivered linearity, accuracy and precision for all target compounds.


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Fat and protein in plant-based foods

EXTRACTION: How to determine fat and protein content in plant-based foods

The growing popularity of vegetarianism necessitates the analysis of fat and protein content in plant-based alternatives. Discover how BUCHI’s automated Kjeldahl and Soxhlet extraction instrument can easily analyze plant-based foods, without specialized sample prep.


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Lc-MS food

LC-MS/MS: How to effectively determine 16 PFASs in food

UCT, Inc shares a validated procedure developed by the FDA to effectively measure 16 PFASs in food by using a QuEChERS sample prep approach, combined with LC-MS/MS analysis, to detect extremely low concentrations in milk, bread and fish.


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MEET THE SCIENTIST: Optimized fat oxidation stability testing

Fat and oil oxidation stability is a vital parameter for determining shelf-life. In this video, uncover the benefits of the OXITEST from Velp Scientifica, and hear from researchers at the University of Basilicata as they share their experiences and results.


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Oxford Instruments

NMR SOLUTIONS: How to effectively quantify fat content in foodstuffs

This free webinar with experts from Oxford Instruments explains how both TD-NMR and benchtop NMR spectroscopy can measure oils and fats, from harvest through to the manufacturing of ingredients and food products.


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Matt Camption, Airborne Honey

VIDEO: Robust analysis for ensuring honey authenticity

Matt Campion shares how Airborne Honey’s in-house lab tests for honey authenticity using a range of techniques and new HPLC instrumentation that provides quality data at high throughput.


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Ion Chromatography eBook

ION CHROMATOGRAPHY: Food & beverage testing eBook

Elevate your food and beverage analysis to the next level with rapid and reliable methods.


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NGS eBook

NGS eBOOK: Your guide to rapid food pathogen detection

Transform your food safety testing workflow for key pathogens with this free download.


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Expert interviews:

  • Tackling the global PFAS contamination crisis with mass spec: Marco Zhong, Director of the National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Material, discusses ‘forever chemicals’ and why effective FCM testing is more important than ever. Read article>>
  • Microbiologist shares secrets to brewing success: In this SelectScience® article, we speak with Margareth Krauter, the head microbiologist and Quality Assurance (QA) specialist at Grupo Petrópolis, about the many considerations of beer quality control. Read article>>
  • Scientists devise biosensor tests to tackle cocoa disease blighting West Africa: Dr. Jacqueline Barnett and Dr. Joel Allainguillaume discuss their work to develop handheld detectors to combat the spread of cacao swollen shoot virus and arrest the decline in the cocoa industry. Read article>>
  • How Coca-Cola bottlers perform microbiological QC checks: Christhian Contreras Quiroz, Process Quality Chief at the México division of Coca-Cola FEMSA, shares how regulatory standards are met at every bottling site. Read article>>

Other top resources:

  • Determination of fat and oil content in foodstuffs: In this application note, discover how fat and oil content can be measured to enable manufacturers to achieve higher standards in nutritional characterization and quality control of foodstuffs. Download method>>
  • How to minimize the risk of food fraud due to coronavirus: Dr. Bert Popping, manager director at FOCOS, explores risks for food fraud in the supply chain due to coronavirus, and how these risks can be mitigated. Watch here>>
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on food safety: Patrick Bird, principal consultant at PMB BioTek Consulting, discusses his team’s work to create a certified validation process to accurately detect SARS-CoV-2 on environmental surfaces and explains the impacts of COVID-19 on the food safety industry. Watch on The Scientists’ Channel >>
  • Robust NGS methods for the fight against food fraud: In this video interview, Roberta Pellesi explores Barilla Group’s belief in the importance of sharing food fraud know-how and looks at how NGS can help guarantee product integrity and protect brand reputations. Watch on The Scientists’ Channel >>
  • Impact of Salmonella on the global meat and poultry supply chain: Join Erin Crowley, Chief Scientific Officer at Q Laboratories, and Martin Wiedmann, Gellert Family Professor in Food Safety at Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, as they present an overview of the global impact of Salmonella on the meat and poultry supply chain and look at the validation of qualitative and quantitative methods for microbiology in food. Watch here>>

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Take a look at what other researchers and scientists all over the world are saying about the latest equipment and technologies in food quality. Here, Maria Di Cairano, University of Basilicata, shares her opinion of the OXITEST – Oxidation Stability Reactor by Velp Scientifica.

Oxitest review Maria Di Cairano

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