An Essential Amino Acid – NAC

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What is N-Acetyl Cysteine?

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a nutritional supplement that is essentially a synthetic amino acid that provides antioxidants to your system. It is taken from L-cysteine, which is an amino acid and is used for a wide variety of purposes.

There are a number of medical conditions that can be supported to improve by the use of N-Acetyl including:

  • Coughs and colds
  • Flu
  • Lung collapse
  • COPD
  • Kidney damage
  • Cancer prevention
  • And more

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Where Can N-Acetyl Cysteine Be Found Naturally?

You will not be able to find NAC in any natural form as it is a synthetic and safe supplement that is created to improve specific medical conditions. However, you can find cysteine in protein-rich foods such as eggs, onions, chicken, yoghurt and turkey.

When it comes to producing Cysteine, consumption of these foods is not enough, you also need to have the right levels of B6, B12 and folate in your system for your body to be able to make it.

Why is NAC Necessary for Your Body?

There are lots of reasons that NAC is a vital ingredient for your body. Some of the most important reasons include:

  • Supporting your body to make Glutathione – a powerful antioxidant
  • Offering detoxifying uses that support healthy kidneys and liver
  • Improving your symptoms when you have a respiratory illness
  • Helping to support quality brain head
  • Providing a boost to your immune system
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Boosting male fertility
  • Reducing the risk of Diabetes

With so many potential benefits, it is clear that adding NAC to your supplement regime is a sensible and healthy choice.


What is the Recommended Daily Value for NAC?

NAC supplements are the ideal choice for anyone that wants to boost their cysteine production and improve their overall cysteine levels. However, NAC does have low bioavailability, which means your body may struggle to absorb it with ease, meaning that you will need to take the recommended amount in order for your body to absorb the amount you need to improve your overall health.

Currently, the recommended daily value for NAC starts at 600 milligrams and can be worked up to 1800 milligrams, depending on your personal needs.

Why Prowise NAC?

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