Carla Hall shares Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes, interview

Carla Hall shares Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes, interview

Carla Hall always serves a smile with all her delicious food, and with Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes there are plenty of reasons to open another bag of snacks. As part of this collaboration, Hall has created some tasty recipes that transform those leftovers snacks into second day celebratory dishes. From sweet to savory, never is a crumb wasted.

The Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes are a concept that many home cooks crave. No one likes wasting leftover food the day after a big celebration, party or other gathering. Often some food needs a re-do, boost or just revitalization so that food isn’t wasted.

As Anya Schmidt, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America said, “The Fourth of July will be more important than ever this year as we celebrate together again, so we wanted to find a way to help keep the party going by offering delicious and exciting recipes that can make the Fifth of July just as fun as the Fourth.”

In collaboration with Carla Hall, the Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes will be shared on social media and This “inventive bite-size cooking series” looks to take those favorite foods, like hot dogs, corn and even marshmallows, and give them a little twist for the day after that big gathering. Quite possibly, these new recipes might be even more exciting than the fireworks on a summer night.

Recently, Carla Hall spoke to FoodSided about her Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes.

While Hall has dazzled food television audiences and is always a welcome presence on the screen, her approach to food is what many home cooks crave. Although not comfort food per se, the flavors and dishes bring that satisfaction in every bite. Made with care and full of love, her recipes are the ones that people want to enjoy.

At the same time, Hall appreciates that families need to be both smart with their food purchases. From multipurpose ingredients to recipes that everyone enjoys, it is about balancing both the creativity and the ingenuity.

Carla Hall for Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes

Charlotte NC – June 11th 2021 –
Carla Hall and Tostitos
Photographed in Charlotte NC on June 11 2021. Photo by Peter Taylor

Thinking about snacks, no one wants to throw away a bag of chips because some are broken or because there is just a quarter of the bag left. For Hall, that bag offers a taste of inspiration.

Hall said, “I think it’s really important for people to understand that when they get to the bottom of a bag, or the chips are broken, you don’t have to throw that bag out. You’re not going to waste your money. So one thing when you are shopping, you should spend money on things you know that you can use 100% of—there is absolutely no waste, and that’s what happens with chips. You can use them in soups, like tortilla soup, you can use them with sauces, you can use them with other leftovers, you can use them in salads, you can use them to fry something like a breading… There are so many different ways to use it and I think the more people understand what they can do with the leftovers, the more they’re apt to actually buy that particular ingredient, or a chip or whatever it is.”

Appreciating that multi-functional food use is essential, as seen in the Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes, it is all about thinking outside of the bag and the bowl. Sure, that bowl of chips and dip is tasty, but it isn’t the only way to enjoy those favorite treats.

For example, the combination of sweet and savory desserts have become more popular. It isn’t that the idea is new, rather, people are learning to appreciate it more. As Hall said, that combination, “hits all the notes.”

Hall commented, “People don’t think about it, but your taste buds respond to sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Then you add the spice and it activates the salivary glands. You have everything working in your mouth whether you like it or not. It is just delicious.”

Even though Hall loves a great pucker, the truth is that her recipes as part of the Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes hit all those notes. From her Tostitos Crusted Corn Dogs to her Spicy Tostitos S’mores, it is about thinking outside of the bag and focusing on flavor with a side of fun.

As seen through this partnership, Hall and Tostitos are using social media to reach food fans. While the screen might be the vehicle, those moments have been the way to connect with others.

Hall has been using her social media accounts even more. She put it simply as her way to “talk to people.” Anyone who has had the pleasure to speak with Hall understands that her words and desire to interact with others is genuine.

Hall shared, “Social media allows me to talk to people that I wouldn’t normally talk to or cross paths with in person. I’ve gotten to know my fans, I’ve become friends with some of my fans, I have spoken to people about their recipes and I’ve even gotten together with fans and we had “biscuit time” where I showed a little group how to make biscuits. We keep this chat going on on social media and they share different dishes that they do and I’ll chime in about questions they have—how to change their recipes or we exchange recipes. It’s the kind of thing that I think people would do in person but because we were so isolated for over a year, it was also a way to escape and feel connected.”

As more people gather this summer, the delicious food on the table might be the spark that creates a tradition that lingers long after the spectacle in the night sky fades. Even if there are some chips left on the table, the Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes will make sure that a taste of that fabulous event is never forgotten.


What is your favorite next day recipe? Do you have a great leftover recipe to share?

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