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jj acuna / bespoke studio integrates dark green elements + antique finish into coffee shop in hong kong

jj acuna / bespoke studio designed a milanese-style coffee-to-cocktail destination bringing the coffee culture of milan to hong kong’s trendy neighborhood happy valley. the 84 sqm destination officially opened as the first and sole distributor of the famed italian GRISO coffee beans in asia, bringing authentic milanese-style coffee to hong kong.

coffeelin happy valley 1
images by xu liang leon



jj acuna / bespoke studio reimagined milan’s history and culture by infusing the space with bespoke hand-made milanese design elements from local and international artists, amplifying the brand’s GRISO coffee monopoly position. with a narrative concept that marries various design elements of milan

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‘Simply The Best!’ Suffolk County Coffee Shop Praised For ‘Amazing’ Menu

For anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of caffeine, a Long Island coffee shop may be the next spot to check out. 

Coffee Booths, located in Selden, has been seeing a wave of praise from online reviewers, receiving a five-star rating from more than 200 reviews. 

The shop was established in 2015 by a Long Island husband and wife, according to the business’ biography on Yelp. It’s located at 226 Middle Country Road.

Several Yelpers shouted out the coffee shop’s menu offerings, many of which are candy and dessert-inspired, and the quality of ingredients used.

“Great coffee and

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Coffee shop headed for Pullman corner | Local

The corner of Pullman’s Main Street and Grand Avenue was a popular destination for coffee lovers when Cafe Moro operated there for 15 years.

In August, a year after Cafe Moro closed, a new coffee shop will move into that same building with the hope of being a convenient and welcoming place for people to enjoy their favorite brew.

Immanuel Montelongo said he expects to open Manny’s Coffee House on Aug. 7.

The 21-year-old said he was impressed by the positive attitude of the Cafe Moro staff when he grabbed a drink there and he hopes customers will notice that

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Coffee shop openings, birria quesadillas, and more Pittsburgh food news | Food | Pittsburgh

click to enlarge Alphabet City Smash Burger from 40 North - COURTESY OF 40 NORTH

Courtesy of 40 North

Alphabet City Smash Burger from 40 North

Cafetano Coffee Roasters
There’s a new high-end coffee shop coming to the Strip District. Cafetano Coffee Roasters has an excellent collection of coffee, smoothies, fruit drinks, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as a menu of delicious treats. From sandwiches to brownies, they have something for whatever you crave. The exact location and date of opening are still TBD but watch their website and Instagram for more information.

Ruckus Coffee Gallery
1707 Babcock Blvd., Shaler.

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Hope Coffee Co. asks customers to ‘pay what you can’

WALLBURG | Hope Coffee Co. in Wallburg has all the allure of most coffee shops — the aroma of java beans fills the air, the recognizable whirling sound of blenders mixing frappes and a case full of enticing baked goods.

What you won’t see at the coffee shop that other coffee shops have are prices. Customers pay what they can. That might be a $1,000 donation (yes, that has happened), or nothing at all. Hope Coffee Co., Davidson County’s newest coffee shop located inside Hope City Church at 758 Motsinger Road in Wallburg is not a traditional business, although it

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