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10 nutrition myths debunked

3. Use unrefined sugars, such as honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar in place of white table sugar: Sugar is sugar. Although unrefined sugar options may contain a small number of vitamins and minerals, the advantage is minimal. They are still considered added sugar and contribute to the recommended daily limit on added sugar in the diet.

4. Full-fat products equal weight gain: The fat-free and low-fat diet trend is a thing of the past — the ‘80s and ‘90s to be exact. Yet, some people are still scared of fat. This shouldn’t be the case, as fat has beneficial

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Multitude of diets offer endless choices

Researchers in Thailand recently studied a low-calorie diet that purports to lower glucose levels in adults with obesity and diabetes.

Participants, according to findings published in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation, limited caloric intake for either two days or four days per week.

Reportedly, up to 30% of participants achieved “diabetes remission without the need for diabetes medication,” after 20 weeks in the trial.

Participants in this study followed a “very-low-calorie diet” consisting of only 600 kcal per day for 10 days as a “run-in period” before being randomized to continue the same

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Fall great time to break out slow cooker for meals | Feature Story

The weather is already showing signs of fall and there’s no better time to break out the crockpot and whip up some delicious and healthy family meals.

You’ve probably been seeing all types of new cooking tools on the market such as the air fryer, instant pot, new wave cooker, sous vide oven and more, but the crockpot is still a viable tool. This slow-cooking process makes food tender and flavorful while also helping to destroy bacteria, making the benefits of using a slow cooker significant and quite diverse.

There are a few reasons why you may choose to use

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Nutritional requirements and lifestyle disorders that can affect your chances to conceive

Good nutrition in women and men plays an important role while conceiving. Prenatal nutrition is an important phase while preparing for pregnancy. Good nutrition and BMI play a significant role in the process of conception. Women need to focus on healthy weight and nutrients such as iron, folic acid and a balanced intake of other macro and micro nutrients to create a safe nine month antenatal phase.

Men also need to focus on their weight as excess weight will lead to hormonal imbalance which will have an effect on the quality of the sperm. Hence, it’s advisable for them to

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Food science meets cell science in bid to explain inner workings of membrane-free cell compartments — ScienceDaily

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that food science principles have helped them determine how unusual droplets within cells stay organized and avoid dissolving into the rest of the cell’s gelatinous interior.

The researchers say their work could advance scientific understanding of cell evolution and help scientists in the food and chemical industry develop better ways to keep liquid mixtures from separating.

The cells of all living organisms hold a collection of mini biological machines called organelles. These structures run the cell’s powerhouse mitochondria, brainy nucleus and other operations, all with a defined border and encased in a membrane. However, there

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