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Are Your Choosing Low-Fat, Fat-Free Or Diet Foods? Nutritionist Explains Why You Should Avoid These Labels

UK diet clubs: how much do they cost and what do they offer? | Diets and dieting

Losing weight, eating more healthily and getting fitter will have featured in millions of people’s new year resolutions for 2023. There are lots of different weight-loss programmes out there but how do you know which one is right for you, and what do you get for your money? Guardian Money decided to take a close look at five of the main programmes.

Second Nature

Second Nature can offer one-to-one advice. Photograph: Second Nature

How it works: by changing your mindset about losing weight and building healthy habits. “Our app uses behavioural science to retrain members’ minds to make healthy

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Take it easy after holidays with easy, healthy meals

With the close of 2022 and the festivities concluded it is now time to focus on oneself in 2023. Our households have been nonstop of activity since Thanksgiving, and I know for me I tend to forget the importance of self-care and taking the needed time to carefully prepare a healthier meal for myself and my family. Eating in the New Year takes on some different perspectives, so this week and next we will talk about lighter, healthier meals for our families. They are easy, quick and healthy.  

For me the New Year opens one’s minds to “what can be.”

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Scientists find key to fat-free cream in beer and plants


The ‘dieter’s dream’ of fat-free whipped cream has been made from beer and plants, according to a new study.

University of Copenhagen researchers have replaced milk fat with bacteria to create a prototype fat-free, sustainable whipped cream.

At present regular whipped cream contains 38 per cent saturated fat, required to provide the airy and stiff consistency.

To create an alternative, the team successfully built on their work of using lactic acid bacteria to form tiny building blocks to create food.

They managed to produce both fluffy and stiff versions of the cream.

Lactic acid bacteria are everywhere, inhabiting

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Still Hungry After Eating A Salad? Here’s How You Can Make Your Salads Filling

In this article, we share some ways in which you can make your salads filling and delicious.

Add a variety of components like veggies, carbs and proteins (meat) to your salad to make it filling

Salads are known for being monotonous dieting foods. The majority of us have had unpleasant experiences eating bland salads with unsatisfying components, only to be hungry again soon after. Salads don’t always have to be bland and light. 

Instead, you can make salads that are tasty, gratifying, and substantial and that you want to consume. In this article, we share some ways in

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