Christmas 2022: Tips to reduce bloating after heavy meals

Christmas 2022: Tips to reduce bloating after heavy meals

It’s holiday season, almost! For some, it may be time to pack the bags and head straight to a destination that will be a feast for the eyes, soul, and gut. Yes, a new place brings with it tons of possibilities in terms of trying staple foods and new cuisines. And it’s irresistible to not gorge on all those scrumptious treats and stuff your belly. It’s only after we have tried everything on the spread that we realize that we feel oh-so-bloated! If that’s you, then we fret not, as we are here to help.

Health Shots got in touch with Ritika Samaddar, regional head at the department of clinical nutrition and dietetics, Max Healthcare, to understand some quick fix remedies to ease holiday bloating.

Some tips to deal with bloating during the festive season

1. Walk or do light exercises

Well, walking is always the best solution to ease any digestive issues. Whenever you feel bloated after a partaking a hefty meal, it’s time that you walk around the block or do mild exercises like cardio to lower the affect of bloating.

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Bloating happens to everybody. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Say no to carbonated drinks, instead take plain water

We often feel like pleasing our taste buds and give in to this bad habit of accompanying carbonated drinks with food. As per the expert, one must try sipping water before meals, while having meals or after meals as it flushes out excess sodium from the body that could be the cause of bloating.

3. Try ginger or peppermint tea

You can blindly turn to peppermint tea for help in case of bloating. “Peppermint tea has high concentration of flavonoids that aid in calming the bacteria in your digestive tract that can cause high level of gas and bloating. It can also help soothe inflammation and calm the gut,” the expert says.

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4. Give peppermint oil a try

A research found in the database of National Institutes of Health reckons that peppermint oil capsules can ease symptoms of bloating and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It should be noted that peppermint oil should not be ingested straight from an essential oil bottle. Only consume capsules that are specifically formulated for internal use and suggested by a doctor.

ease holiday bloating
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5. Take a probiotic like curd

Probiotics are always helpful in easing bloating by stimulating the growth of good bacteria in our gut. Probiotics keeps digestive issues at bay and promote a healthy gut. So, whenever you suffer from bloating, you can give probiotics a try.

6. Eat light, hearty meals, and avoid very high fiber and oily foods

The expert suggests to not indulge in diving into heavy meals if constant bloating is pestering you. Instead, eat lighter foods that are easy to digest and keep away from very high fiber and oily foods that take long to digest.

7. Eat at regular intervals

This is a long-term solution. It is also a known fact that eating a lot at one time can cause uneasy bloating. So, it is advised to eat at regular intervals in between and eat less at one time to avoid bloating.

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