Coffee Apothecary, a new Bettendorf coffee shop, looks to differentiate itself | Business & Economy

After eight years of being a “coffee fanatic,” Davenport resident Lindsey Schmidt decided to take the leap and open up a coffee shop of her own.

Coffee Apothecary, located at 2571 53rd Ave. in Bettendorf, has a unique medical theme and drinks with names such as Lobotomy and Plague Doctor.

Schmidt decided to take it on with her mother, Cindy Williams, a seasoned entrepreneur who has opened 12 previous businesses in the Quad-City area and was happy to lend her experience.

“I feel like I’ve been meant to be an entrepreneur since I was little since she’s done it her whole life,” said Schmidt.

After earning degrees in business management and psychology from St. Ambrose University and working in operations management for a few years, Schmidt decided it was finally the time to open a business.

Williams came out of retirement to invest and take on the business’ initial steps of dealing with contractors, confirming the layout and ordering the needed tools, steps she had experience with from past ventures.

Once the location was confirmed, Schmidt quit her job at a local pharmaceutical company and set to work creating the atmosphere of the coffee shop, one based around a theme of old-fashioned medical practice.

“I’ve just always been interested in old medical science, old psychology…one of my degrees was in psychology so I’ve always been interested in the brain,” said Schmidt.

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