Customers crying over loss of North Florida coffee shop

A place for friends and good coffee is closing down in Jacksonville after the pandemic steals its foot traffic.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (The video above is from an unrelated reported)

“Oh, we were really sad, really sad, we love them,” says a customer at Bold Bean coffee shop in San Marco.  

The sign out front announces the popular spot will close Sept. 12. and it seems as if everyone is bummed out. 

Anastasia Charles, a barista for Bold Bean for three years, says, “I know. I know. Some customers were crying this morning.”

Charles says, “We’re going to miss everyone. Everyone is like family here.”

Why leave San Marco? Charles says, “We just didn’t have enough foot traffic. We have two other shops, Riverside and the Beaches.”  

Those will stay open, but the lease in San Marco has ended. 

The pandemic, she says, “didn’t help” and took its toll.  

Bold Bean, some customers say, has not just wonderful coffee, but an atmosphere that just feels good, like a warm and friendly community.

The store says it will be closing early, at 1 p.m., in its remaining days. 

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