Dessert Experience on Disney Dream

Dessert Experience on Disney Dream

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The “Remy Dessert Experience” on the Disney Dream is as sweet as it sounds. One of our favorite things to do either at a Disney resort or on a cruise is eat. However, most of the time, we cannot justify paying for buffets or expensive meals on a cruise because we simply cannot eat enough to justify the cost. For example, if we tried a Remy or Palo Brunch on a cruise, we’d be full after the first course of pastries! But we thought we could handle the “Remy Dessert Experience” on the Dream. It wasn’t as expensive as the dinner or brunch, and if we skipped a heavy lunch, we should be able to enjoy the 5 desserts described in the reservation.

So with Deni and Jackie and their preference for sweets in our minds, we booked the reservation during the Dis Unplugged podcast cruise in May 2022, and looked forward to an hour of desserts during our day at sea.

When and Where is the Remy Dessert Experience?

The dessert experience was scheduled for 3:15 pm, so we were a little worried we’d be too full for dinner afterward, but thought we could just have a salad or something if we were rolling out of the restaurant.

At 3:00 we headed to Remy, and after having to ask for directions a couple of times, we arrived, dressed appropriately, because while it wasn’t dinner, the dress code was still in effect.

We had a wonderful table by the windows, and the servers pointed out the hidden Remy’s all over the restaurant. We then found out there were going to be 6 desserts instead of five… trepidation started, but we thought “with just one more, we should be OK”.

Menu for the Remy Dessert Experience

What is the Remy Dessert Experience?

The dessert experience at Remy’s is described as follows:

  • Treat your taste buds to a delectable 5-course dessert menu served with coffee. This adults-only event features an in-depth discussion with Remy’s Executive Chef and Pastry Chef, who will take turns explaining the history and evolution of each sweet selection.
  • $60 charge per person; $25 additional charge per person when adding the wine pairing

After we were seated, and anticipating the first dessert, the servers explained the process whereby the chef would come out as each dessert was served, and explain how it was made, and the history of the dish. They jokingly said the chef reminded them of Gasteau from the film Ratatouille, and they were right! He came out and we kept imagining him talking to Remy in the film.

Pastry Chef on the Dream

They also explained why it is called the “Pompidou” dessert experience… the pastry chef in the film Ratatouille was named Pompidou! So yet another fun reference we wouldn’t have known about.

The Dessert Experience Begins!

Macaron Framboise

Our first dessert was the “Macaron Framboise”, a raspberry-flavored macaron about the size of a hockey puck (but of course more tasty). Neither of us usually likes berry-flavored dishes, but this was delicious! A really good start. When a dish can make you think “maybe I DO like berry-flavored desserts” you know it’s good.

Religieuse Caramel

Next up on the menu was the “Religieuse Caramel”. This was a type of pate a choux with some nuts, that we originally tried to eat with forks, but ended up just popping in our mouths. We love eating things at restaurants that we can’t make at home, and this was amazing!

Mille-Fueille Vanille

The third item was the “Mille-Fueille Vanille”, and here was where we differed in our opinions for the first time, and also started to think “we might be in trouble for finishing”. It reminded Tracy of a baklava, with its flaky layers and almond taste, and since she was already starting to feel full after only 3 desserts, and doesn’t care for baklava, she didn’t eat it all. Julia on the other hand wasn’t having any trouble and loved it, so scarfed it down. Tracy was thinking “will I get through all 6?” Julia wasn’t worried at all.


The “Tarte-Tatin” came in at number four. This was an apple tart style that we both liked.

Diversity of Desserts

What we were really enjoying about the experience was that all the dishes were very different, and each had their own story. You didn’t get tired of one flavor because it wasn’t repeated at all.


Number five on the list was the “Citron” and this was one that really blew us both away. It was flavored, and looked exactly like a lemon, which usually we don’t care as much for, but it was amazing. The chef warned us “don’t eat the leaves!” (since they were fake), but the bites of “lemon” with the different textures really took the cake so to speak. Everyone in the restaurant gave little “oohs” with delight as they cracked their “lemon” open. How did they create it? There was a lot of detail, but what we remembered most was that it took 3 days to make!

The “Chocolat Chateau de la Muire” finished the menu, and while we worried that it would be a rich chocolate dessert to put us over the top… it ended up being very light and flaky, and a perfect ending to the experience.

Which did we like best? It was REALLY hard to decide since they were all very good. Tracy liked the macaron, the lemon, and the chocolate at the end (especially since it was not too heavy to finish with). Julia loved the Pate a Choux, and the mille-fueille vanilla. There was no clear-cut winner.

Was it Worth It?

Would we do this again? Absolutely. It was definitely worth the $60/per person. And it was fun eating things we couldn’t make at home. These were not your average cupcakes or sundaes!

Side note: we had dinner only an hour and a half after the experience… and while Tracy opted just for a light meal of escargot and soup… the waiters at dinner convinced us to “just try the crème brule! It’s really good!” So we caved and got one to split… and of course, after saying we’d just have a bite each… polished it off easily. But that night we definitely needed to roll back to our room, and couldn’t eat again until the next morning.

Have you ever done the dessert experience at Remy’s? Let us know what you thought.

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