Enjoy the snacks and appetizers | Sports

Do you remember when your mom used to tell you not to have a snack or it will ruin your appetite for dinner?

Actually, let me circle back around to that but first point out that fall is here. Time seems to go by faster every year. To some, that’s a good thing, for others, not so much.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind a tad bit more time for summer but overall, I’m pumped for the fall because it means we’re that much closer to another football season and hopefully a normal one at that.

I’ve said several times in my column and I tell people often that I believe football and the fall were invented for each other. The beginning of fall can be exhausting physically, mentally and in every other way but there’s no better escape than the great sport of football to take us away from all the hecticness that comes with the busyness of a fall.

That’s how I feel now as businesses pick back up and schools are about to start as I visit high school football practices, read the latest news on college football and watch preseason football and all the Hall of Fame festivities happening over the course of the weekend.

See that’s what the snack before dinner is – the practices and preseason. Perhaps it’s better to refer to it as the appetizer but either way, it’s not going to spoil your dinner. It’s simply going to hold you over until the main course.

Allow me to put it this way – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7. That’s over six months ago – half a year. We have seen the state of Texas covered with snow more recently than we’ve watched live football game (that is you don’t include this past Thursday’s Hall of Fame Game but you get the point) and we still have time to wait so no, there’s no shame in enjoying practice and preseason appetizers. In fact, I’d say the more the merrier.

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