Is walking after a meal good for you?

Walking after a meal is a common activity in lots of cultures, known as a Shatapawali in India, or a Passeggiata in Italy. A folk saying in Chinese roughly translates as “if you take 100 steps after each meal, you’ll live to be 99.” But is there any scientific evidence backing the health benefits of these post-meal traditions? Are there any potential negative impacts of taking a stroll after eating, and how long should you wait before doing so?

We’ve spoken to some health experts to get their opinion on whether walking after a meal is good for you, and investigated the scientific evidence surrounding when you should carry out exercise after eating and at what intensity for the best results. Your comfort is always important when walking, and the best shoes for walking can help you focus on enjoying yourself on an after-dinner stroll. 

What are the benefits of walking after a meal?

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