Man found urinating in couple’s driveway after food delivery in Liverpool

A delivery man from Uber Eats was seen urinating in the driveway of a couple after delivering their order in Liverpool, UK.

The man who came on a cycle for delivery, after parking it, delivered a McDonald’s order to the couple’s house in Clubmoor. After delivering the package, he was seen urinating right next to the couple’s car which was parked there, Liverpool Echo reported.

Thomas, 25, lives in the house with his girlfriend Stephanie. He told Liverpool Echo, “I went to work and my girlfriend, who works for the NHS, came home and ordered a McDonald’s from Uber Eats.”

He further added that because the couple has cameras over the house, Stephanie gets a notification every time someone enters the driveway. So, she already knew that the delivery person was coming.

Thomas said that after she had taken the order, Stephanie had the CCTV camera on, and she saw he was still there. “He looks over to make sure she’s gone in and urinates on the drive,” he said.

This is not the first time that Uber Eats delivery persons have been caught urinating in public spaces when on duty.

In May this year, a customer from the United Kingdom tweeted that he had ordered food from Uber Eats and the delivery boy urinated at the corner of the house before delivery.

In 2017, another user took to Twitter saying that he had seen a delivery man urinating outside a property after delivering food.

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