Mexican Instant Ramen Is Trending!

Mexican soups and instant ramen are known and loved around the world. Combining both to create a one of a kind “Mexican Ramen” is a match made in heaven. What is Mexican Ramen? It is the fusion of ramen noodles mixed with Mexican spices to create a signature Mexican style ramen. Andiubal Muñoz, also known as Andy Muñoz, is the creator of Mexican Ramen and the co-founder of Vida Food Group. He co-created the first ever “instant Mexican ramen” with Pozole and Menudo flavors. His soups are currently trending on TikTok, Instagram, and more. Many influencers such as @DoggFace208 from the Ocean Spray and Fleetwood Mac viral video, @FoodBeast, @GracielaMonties_, @DeidrePujolsAdventures, @RubyJanet @FoosGoneWild, @LocalHeartsFoundation, @TheHoodSanta and more have shared and tagged the TikTok of @VidaFoods and their Instagram @VidaFoodGroup. The company also received tags from celebrities such as @Breal, @PRod, @KeniaOntiverosOficial, @MannySantiago, @BristolToMemory, and more. The popular instant Mexican ramen has  been featured on NBC Radio as well. Their Menudo and Pozole flavored ramen has become extremely popular with the Latino consumers taste-buds.

The USA is a melting-pot of many cultures and with a variety of cuisines. Andy Muñoz is a first generation Mexican American and his parents are from San Miguel El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. In a recent interview with Andy, he stated, “I’ve always enjoyed ramen and always knew that many Hispanics enjoy having instant ramen and all the variations of it, but there wasn’t anything with traditional Mexican soup flavors. I love my Mexican culture and cuisines, so I had to create a Pozole and Menudo flavored instant ramen. So far, everyone loves it.”

The ramen industry is very competitive. However, Vida Food Group competes by providing lower prices and quality packaged noodles with quality mexican blended spices. Once you try it, you’ll taste the delicious flavors and want your friends and family to try it too. It’s simple to prepare and easy to eat. Add hot water to their instant ramen and in three minutes they are ready to eat.  Visit their social media handles to see cooking recipes or on how to just prepare the soups at home, at work, or on the go.

We have decided to spotlight Andy Muñoz, the co-owner of “Vida Food Group” this week, because of his recent attention on social media and popularity within many supermarkets throughout Southern California. You can find there ramen products in Vallarta Supermarkets, Food4Less, Ralphs, Numero Uno Markets and more.  Many people are raving about these Mexican ramen noodles! Find a store near you by viewing their store locator in their Instagram and Facebook biographies.

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