New bizarre food combo: Samosa stuffed with biryani; netizens are triggered

New bizarre food combo: Samosa stuffed with biryani; netizens are triggered
Biryani Samosa
Image Source : @KHANSAAMAA Biryani Samosa

Trending News: As Ramadan begins, Biryani enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the traditional dish’s return. Biryani holds a special place in Muslim households, and it is a staple during the month-long observance. Foodies also take advantage of the opportunity to try various types and flavours of Biryani. However, the internet has recently seen a strange twist on this beloved dish – Biryani being stuffed inside a Samosa.

The Biryani Samosa fusion dish, which has generated disgust among many Desi users who cannot fathom the weird combination, has become viral on social media. The fusion dish had rice and chicken shreds enclosed within the Indian savory pastry, resulting in a controversial creation. Pictures shared on Twitter by user @khansaamaa generated a lot of buzz in the comments section, with users expressing their disappointment and disgust with the combination. “Bas yehi baki reh Gaya tha dekhna…Rip samosa nd briyani,” a user commented. “Ruined it for me. both biryani & samosa,” another user wrote.

Take a look at the post about Biryani Samosa here:

While many felt that both the separate Indian delicacies were delicious in their own way and that combining them was unnecessary and unappetizing, others were still curious to try the unique combination. This is not the first time that bizarre food combinations have gone viral. Previously, a cafe in Delhi added a twist to the traditional Biryani by presenting an ‘illusion’ version. The server claimed to use a magic trick to serve the ultimate dish on the customer’s plate, which was called ‘Illusion Biryani.’

The video clip showed the server adding rice, spices like bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, fried onions, and an egg to a jar. After sealing the jar, shaking it, and flipping it onto a plate, the server revealed a seemingly ready-to-eat Biryani, leaving the viewers amazed. Such bizarre food combinations have become popular on social media, with many users sharing their opinions and reactions to these creations. While some enjoy trying new things, others prefer to stick to the traditional versions of their favourite dishes. 

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