62 Christmas Dinner Ideas from Appetizers to Entrees

It’s almost Christmas and the number one thing on our to-do list (besides, ya know, buying the tree and decorating the house) is planning my Christmas menu. Thanksgiving may be moments behind us, but planning Christmas dinner is of utmost importance.

Why? Whether you’re hosting a big holiday party, having family or friends over Christmas night or having a more intimate dinner beside the fireplace, nailing down the right holiday dinner menu is everything. Once you’ve selected the appetizers, say, a nice comforting soup or salad, side dishes and, of course, the main event, it will be easier to make

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Gwyneth Paltrow shares how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers

Gwyneth Paltrow shares how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers that will make people ‘think you’re so fancy’

On Thanksgiving Day, Gwyneth Paltrow whipped up three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers.

In a video posted on Thursday, the actress showed just how easy it is to make quick fix appetizers that will still make people ‘think you’re so fancy’.

The goop founder, 50, shared the recipes for: potato chips with caviar, something she calls the ‘Diablo’, and a sauce

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Green Mediterranean diet is best for reducing harmful visceral fat

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A modified Mediterranean diet, so-called the green Mediterranean diet may bring the most benefits to those looking to shed visceral fat. Image credit: kolderal/Getty Images.
  • A recent study looked at the health effects of a new version of the Mediterranean diet called the green Mediterranean diet.
  • The green Mediterranean diet is more effective than the original at reducing the amount of visceral fat around internal organs.
  • Visceral fat has been linked to early mortality and a host of other serious medical concerns.
  • A key element of the new diet is the inclusion of walnuts, which are rich
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Breakfast stuffed bell peppers and 2 more easy on-the-go recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for many people, it’s equally important to be able to enjoy it on-the-go.

Lisa Bryan, cookbook author and culinary creator of Downshiftology, which features wholesome recipes, kitchen advice and cooking tutorials, shared some easy to make and easier to eat breakfast recipes with “GMA.”

Breakfast Stuffed Bell Peppers

PHOTO: Breakfast stuffed bell peppers.

Ren Fuller

Breakfast stuffed bell peppers.

“Stuffed bell peppers are regularly used in dinner meal prep, but they’re equally great for breakfast,” Bryan said. “Think of them as egg ‘muffins’ but with an added veggie boost. What I really love is how

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Fast food nostalgia predicted to continue trending in 2023

There’s nothing like the Good Ol’ Days and Yelp fast food searches show we are trying to get back there.
Today, Yelp released its 2023 Trend Forecast Report and with fast food nostalgia searches up 90 percent, the prediction is it will continue to be a big thing in 2023.
The lastest blast from the past came from McDonald’s last month, where they brought back the Halloween Happy Meal buckets from 1986.
This year’s Mickey-D character names: McPunk’n, McGoblin, and McBoo, closely resemble the characters from the 1980’s. The chain is also offering adult Happy Meals, hoping to get those

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