Pink sauce, butter boards and more

Pink sauce, butter boards and more

Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are hubs for the all the latest food trends, but TikTok in particular continues to bring about very interesting culinary creations.

We’re all looking for ways to spice up our meals or just have a little fun in the kitchen, which is why it’s no surprise that #foodtiktok pulled in 106.6 billion views in 2022.

But some food trends reigned supreme and raked in the most views on the app this year — and had users doing taste tests across the globe.

Chiquito, a restaurant chain in the U.K., sourced the food trends with the most clicks. These were the top food trends on TikTok in 2022.

No.1 TikTok food trend of 2022: Cloud bread

Minimal in nature, cloud bread can be made with just three ingredients. And its most popular recipe is simply eggs, cream cheese and cream of tartar.

The popularity of this dish likely stems from its flexibility for dietary restrictions; cloud bread is gluten-free, low carb and qualifies for those on a Keto diet.

Top 10 food trends on TikTok in 2022

  1. Cloud bread: 3.4 billion views
  2. Baked oats: 1.3 billion views
  3. Charcuterie boards: 1.2 billion views
  4. Pasta chips: 1.1 billion views
  5. Mug cake: 1 billion views
  6. Birria tacos: 922.2 million views
  7. Pink sauce: 599.8 million views
  8. Cinnamon rolls: 597 million views
  9. Nacho tables: 415.1 million views
  10. Butter boards: 358.4 million views

Baked oats snagged the second spot and are so popular on the web that food blogs are titling their recipes ‘TikTok Baked Oats.’

All over the app, you can find users pouring blended oats into baking pans and adding chocolate chips for extra flavor.

Charcuterie boards landed at no. 3 on the list which is not at all shocking — its era was undeniable. I, myself, fell down a rabbit hole and made one at home, to get a taste of the #softlife.

Another trend that just cannot be ignored? Pink sauce.

The creator of the viral concoction, Chef Pii, began selling and shipping homemade dipping sauce that contained dragonfruit to those interested in trying it.

And despite the initial food safety concerns and tumultuous journey, pink sauce may be sold in local stores soon.

“I’m like, this is the Madonna,” Chef Pii said in an interview with NBC News. “This is the Beyoncé of those sauces.”

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Pink sauce, butter boards and more

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