REVIEW: Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts from Todd English’s Bluezoo

We decided to spend Valentine’s Day Evening this year at none other than Todd English’s Bluezoo. Located in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Todd English’s Bluezoo is home to award-winning international coastal cuisine. Advanced Dining Reservations are highly recommended at this restaurant, and keep in mind it is only open for dinner.

With that said, let’s eat!


As part of enhanced health and safety measures, guests will view the menu on their mobile device by scanning the QR code displayed at the front.


A card placed on the table lets guests know that the table has been cleaned and disinfected, while also providing the same QR code to view the menu.


There are two Valentine’s Specials this evening: Black Grouper and a Dessert Rose dessert.

You can view the entire nightly menu here.


To begin the night, we decided to try two cocktails.

New Fashioned – $18.00

This cocktail is a twist on an Old Fashioned, with whiskey, brown sugar, and bitters.


The New Fashioned cocktail is a little rough and could have been mixed with something else. For the high price, it is syrupy and not at all balanced. It is definitely strong. Since so much is wrong with this drink, it was hard to really enjoy.

The Burnt Orange – $16.00

The Burnt Orange is made of blanco tequila, oranges, and Grand Marnier.


This is possibly the worst cocktail in all of Walt Disney World. It tastes like Minute Maid orange juice and tequila, leaving much to be desired. We think they should “burn” this drink right off the menu.

Bread Service


This fluffy bread is served with fennel seed butter. As a nice addition, a rosemary cheddar sesame crisp accompanies the bread basket.


The butter is quite oily but does bring out the flavor of the bread itself. The texture makes it feel like you are getting buttered bread and oil for dipping — truly the best of both worlds. At the bottom of our bread basket was an onion loaf.


We started the meal with two appetizers- the Greek Octopus and Seared Scallops.

Greek Style Octopus – $15.00


This appetizer consists of grilled octopus with chickpea purée and crispy potato.


The octopus is a solid choice and boasts a nice charred flavor. We still prefer Tiffins Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for grilled octopus, but this is a great option as well. Our only suggestion may be to add a touch less salt to the dish.

Teppan Seared Sea Scallops – $18.00


The scallops are served with braised beef short rib and a cauliflower purée.


The scallops themselves were excellent. They were very buttery and soft, and really well prepared. The short rib, however, was way too salty and almost ruined the dish. The cauliflower purée is rich, creamy, and indulgent. It was a nice way to bring out the flavors in the scallops. The greens complemented everything quite well.


Angus Beef – $52.00


The angus beef filet is served with roasted potatoes, mushrooms, sauteed onion, and a truffle sauce.


The filet was well cooked and very tender. The roasted potatoes themselves are solid, though there was too much sauce and it seemed to detract from the overall dish. The sautéed onion purée is intense in flavor but works well. The mushrooms were a nice addition to the plate, and were really well prepared. We found the truffle sauce to be completely unnecessary with such a high quality cut of beef.

Mahi-Mahi – $36.00


Guests have the option to pair their Simply Fish entrees with a variety of sauces. We decided on the Salsa Verde, which added both a nice flavor and texture to the otherwise bland Mahi-Mahi. Other sauce options include White Wine, Crab Meat Dijon, and Charred Tomato sauce. We recommend adding one to enhance the flavor of your filet.


We thought the filet itself was nice, but the real stars were the accompaniments. Creamy risotto and seasonal vegetables were the perfect pairing to the meal. The risotto was wonderfully creamy and the vegetables were charred to perfection.


Another option is to add a lobster claw to the Simply Fish entrees. The claw was a good size and was cooked nicely as well. It was a strange combination, but we think it was worth the additional $5.00.

Tempura Green Beans – $9.00


The tempura green beans are served with a truffle aioli and are available as a shareable side to any entree.


This was fantastic. The tempura green beans are not too hard nor too soft, and we think anyone would enjoy these. There was a giant portion with room to share. The truffle sauce was nice, but you could snack on these without it and enjoy them either way. If you ever decide to enjoy a snack at the restaurant’s bar, this would be a perfect choice.



Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more – $13.50


The Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more is filled with a caramel fudge and topped with toasted marshmallow ice cream.


We thought this dessert was very good. Topped with a ring of marshmallow and delightful toasted marshmallow ice cream, the cookie was delicious and warm.


The dark chocolate crunch on top is a nice addition. All in all, a fine dessert and the perfect end to the evening.

Overall, we were impressed with both the Mahi-Mahi and Angus Beef filets, as well as the star accompaniments like the creamy risotto. Unfortunately, the cocktails did not do much for us and left a burnt taste in our mouth.


More information about Todd English’s Bluezoo can be found on the Walt Disney World website.

In keeping with the seafood theme tonight, be sure to check out our review of Coral Reef as well, and let us know which restaurant you prefer in the comments below.

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