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How Your Favorite Holiday Foods Affect Sleep


We’ve all experienced that post-holiday meal food crash. After eating a plate full of goodies, you push away from a table, ease over to the couch, and can’t resist closing your eyes for only a minute — and then an hour slips by. Just what is it about scrumptious holiday foods that prompt sleepiness? 

Commonly known as an after-dinner dip, a food coma, or the post-meal slump, there’s actually a proper medical term for why we feel sleepy after eating: Postprandial somnolence. According to Merriam-Webster, prandial means “of relating to a meal.” and somnolence is defined as “the state of

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Could what a mother eats affect a child’s obesity risk?

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A parent’s diet may affect the obesity risk of their children. enigma_images/Getty Images
  • Ultra-processed foods are those that have undergone significant levels of industrial processing and modification during preparation and contain only small amounts of whole foods, if any.
  • A recent study shows that the consumption of ultra-processed foods by mothers during the child-rearing period was linked to an increased risk of overweight or obesity in their offspring during childhood or adolescence.
  • These findings suggest that women of reproductive age should limit the intake of ultra-processed food to reduce the risk of overweight and obesity in
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Nutritional requirements and lifestyle disorders that can affect your chances to conceive

Good nutrition in women and men plays an important role while conceiving. Prenatal nutrition is an important phase while preparing for pregnancy. Good nutrition and BMI play a significant role in the process of conception. Women need to focus on healthy weight and nutrients such as iron, folic acid and a balanced intake of other macro and micro nutrients to create a safe nine month antenatal phase.

Men also need to focus on their weight as excess weight will lead to hormonal imbalance which will have an effect on the quality of the sperm. Hence, it’s advisable for them to

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