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5 High-Protein Meals for Fueling Your Muscles on a Budget

WHEN IT COMES to meal-prep, you often can’t have it all.

By that we mean that most budget-friendly meal-prep plans often fall short when it comes to flavor (there’s only so much chicken and rice one man can eat). And most flavorful meal-prep plans can cost you—both in terms of money and effort.

That’s why we created 5 for $50, the new meal-prep plan that serves up a week of delicious high-protein meals for right around 50 bucks.

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Each plan builds itself upon two base proteins, which you work into meals to reheat and eat throughout

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Ask the Experts: Stick to your healthy diet and your budget by following these simple tips

Regional One Health’s clinical nutrition team helps patients improve their diet through small, realistic changes that add up to big improvements.

It’s possible to make those changes even if you’re on a tight budget. Some of their tips include cooking at home, buying healthy ingredients in bulk and keeping portion sizes reasonable.

Eating healthy can feel challenging if you’re on a strict budget – but according to our clinical nutrition team, there are ways to improve your diet that are also good for your bank account.

Regional One Health’s dietitians are sharing tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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