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Trending Today Features the Business and Future of Food on Fox Business

Meet the “Avocado Queen,” Natalia Merienne, a female trailblazer in the produce industry. Natalia sources avocados directly from growers in Michoacán, Mexico, a region rich in volcanic soil that yields avocados packed with nutrients and known for their unrivaled taste and texture. Natalia’s avocados are in demand at grocery stores and appear on a major restaurant chain menu. “I travel to Mexico every month to check on my growers and handpick the quality avocados I need for my customers. I believe I have a

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Coffee Apothecary, a new Bettendorf coffee shop, looks to differentiate itself | Business & Economy

After eight years of being a “coffee fanatic,” Davenport resident Lindsey Schmidt decided to take the leap and open up a coffee shop of her own.

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