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How Kinfolx, Downtown Oakland’s New Coffee Shop, Celebrates Connection in the Black Community

“How do you maintain what Oakland was?” That’s a question attorney Creighton Davis, an Oakland resident, has pondered as he’s seen the town change over the past few decades. He misses the days when he’d be out with his dad, who’d point someone out and say, “That’s our kinfolk.”

The desire to celebrate the sense of connection that Oakland’s Black families once enjoyed inspired Davis, along with friends Nicole Reyes and Akintunde Ahmad, to create Kinfolx, a community-focused coffee shop and wine bar. They hope Kinfolx will become a neighborhood gathering place when it makes its soft opening on November

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Community, creativity and caffeine: What coffee shops reopening means to New Yorkers

On a mid-June evening, Buunni Coffee in Inwood, New York City, was packed with people for an open house to debut their new Ethiopian menu. Shop owners Sarina Prasabi and Elias Gurmu, who are from Nepal and Ethiopia, respectively, bustled through the crowd with bright smiles and samples of free food. 

For many of the customers, it’s the first time they’d been back inside a coffee shop since the pandemic started. 

The pandemic hit coffee shops hard. According to an industry study by the London-based Allegra World Coffee Portal, “the US branded coffee shop segment to be valued

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