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Two hauntingly delicious appetizers for a Halloween party | Arts & Culture

Every year I am excited when October rolls around, commencing the start of the spooky season — with Halloween serving as the season finale. Literally. Between the festive decorations, the abundance of candy, and the terrifying costumes, Halloween is an unmatched holiday. 

Nothing celebrates the month of October better than a Halloween party. Halloween parties are great for people who have graduated from trick-or-treating and are looking for a social way to celebrate the 31st. One of my favorite elements of the holiday is all the creative recipes that add that extra ghostly touch to any Halloween get-together. 


Spiders in

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TheEat: After a day of cooking, treat yourself to a decadent chicken liver mousse | Arts And Culture

Come to my house on a Sunday and it’s almost certain I’ll be cooking or baking something. Most times, the dishes I’m making end up in this column or on the food page. Sometimes, I’m just making something for dinner or a part of another meal. (My husband now specifically asks what it being photographed and what can be eaten without consequence.) This Sunday was no exception and the efforts of my baking and cooking were many. 

I began by making a green bean galette, then switched over to baking. I put up two more loaves of double chocolate zucchini

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