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Pittsfield Council Continues Starbucks Proposal Over Curb Cut Concerns /

Councilors and others are concerned about the proximity of the entrance and exit to the proposed Starbucks to the entrances to the Hilton Garden Inn and Guido’s.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The City Council wants a better solution for the proposed Starbucks curb cut on Route 7.

On Tuesday, the panel continued a request to build the coffee shop and drive-through at 1030 South St. 

Councilors were concerned about the entrance and exit being close to the curb cut for Guido’s Fresh Marketplace and the Hilton Garden Inn. After hearing concerns from abutters, they urged the applicant to

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Japanese coffee shop chain Excelsior to curb food loss via food sharing service TABETE

Some of our readers may recall our recent article in which we introduced Starbucks’ recent efforts to tackle to the pervasive problem of food waste in its Japanese stores by offering a 20% discount on food items in pre-closing hours. As it turns out, Japanese coffee shop chains are also stepping up to the plate when it comes to reducing food loss.

Since late August, Excelsior Caffé, a popular coffee shop chain operated by Dotour Coffee Co Ltd, has introduced TABETE, one of the largest food-sharing platforms in Japan (operated by COOKING Co Ltd) at 50 locations.

One of the

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