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Hope Coffee Co. asks customers to ‘pay what you can’

WALLBURG | Hope Coffee Co. in Wallburg has all the allure of most coffee shops — the aroma of java beans fills the air, the recognizable whirling sound of blenders mixing frappes and a case full of enticing baked goods.

What you won’t see at the coffee shop that other coffee shops have are prices. Customers pay what they can. That might be a $1,000 donation (yes, that has happened), or nothing at all. Hope Coffee Co., Davidson County’s newest coffee shop located inside Hope City Church at 758 Motsinger Road in Wallburg is not a traditional business, although it

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FI Trending Topic: Home Chefs Connecting with Customers Via Delivery Apps

Shef has raised $20 million to expand its homemade meal delivery marketplace. The company helps home chefs connect with customers by handling orders and getting the food delivered, reported TechCrunch (June 2).

Back in 2019, The Food Institute reported that California became the only state to legalize home restaurants by passing the Homemade Food Operations Act. However, more cities are now passing similar laws allowing for home chefs to sell homecooked meals.


Shef works somewhat differently from city to city because of local laws. In some places, the company can tap local delivery networks to get meals

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