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14 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Days or Lazy Nights

Without a doubt, humanity advanced leaps and bounds once it became clear that cooking over fire equaled better food. But sometimes, it’s just too hot or the day’s too long to even consider turning on an oven or stove. Luckily, plenty of recipes require no heat (or very, very little) and are just as flavorful and satisfying as their cooked counterparts. Here are 14 spectacular meals for those days when cooking just isn’t on the menu.

Every kitchen should be stocked with at least a few cans of chickpeas. Not only are chickpeas filling, but they can go straight into

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6 No-Cook Vegetarian Meals Perfect for Hot Summer Days

We believe that cooking is an important piece of the wellness puzzle and that everyone can make magic (or at least some avo toast) happen in the kitchen. Sometimes, you just need someone to show you where to start. Cook With Us offers smart cooking tips and tricks from pros, easy recipes that help you make the most of simple ingredients, and all-around support for your cooking journey. See All

ICYMI, it’s f***ing hot outside. And not to go full-on One Tree Hill levels of dramatic, but having to use my oven or stovetop when the heat is already sweltering

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Old Vegetarian Rambling On About Days When Menus Only Had One Non-Meat Option

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ST. PAUL, MN—Droning on and on about how difficult it was to lead a plant-based lifestyle throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, vegetarian Robert Emery rambled to reporters Tuesday about the days when menus only had one non-meat option. “I’m telling you, kids today have no idea what it’s like to go to a restaurant, scan down the page, and see that your only choice was a grilled cheese, or if you were lucky, two pieces of bread and a portobello mushroom,” said the 47-year-old, adding that back in the day, you couldn’t just walk into any old establishment on

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