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Two hauntingly delicious appetizers for a Halloween party | Arts & Culture

Every year I am excited when October rolls around, commencing the start of the spooky season — with Halloween serving as the season finale. Literally. Between the festive decorations, the abundance of candy, and the terrifying costumes, Halloween is an unmatched holiday. 

Nothing celebrates the month of October better than a Halloween party. Halloween parties are great for people who have graduated from trick-or-treating and are looking for a social way to celebrate the 31st. One of my favorite elements of the holiday is all the creative recipes that add that extra ghostly touch to any Halloween get-together. 


Spiders in

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Delicious recipes and where to donate extras

Halloween is all about creative costumes, hayrides, parties, haunted houses and candy. So much candy.

If you’re like us and your kids come home with so many pounds of candy they can barely carry the bag, you may be tempted to toss some in the trash (sorry, kids). We’re here to show you there are plenty of ways to use up their stash and make it so you’re not eating Halloween candy beyond New Year’s Eve.  

Whether you bake it, melt it, paint with it or donate it, there are so many options for leftover Halloween candy. Here are 13

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This Mukilteo wine bar has delicious drinks and unique appetizers

Cabernets and IPAs in Mukilteo features a wide selection of quality wine, local beer and fun appetizers. #k5evening

MUKILTEO, Wash. — Cabernets and IPAs in Mukilteo serves- as you might expect- a wide selection of wine and local beer. Owner and sommelier Elizabeth Stewart curates the rotating inventory, choosing Washington wines and bottles from around the world.

You can enjoy a glass on their wonderful deck, complete with a scenic view and fire pit, or you can peruse their wine wall for a bottle to take home.

Cabernets and IPAs also have a menu of sharable bites, salad and appetizers

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Delicious food and weed pairings to take date night to a higher level

There’s no better way to step up your date night dinner game than with the perfect weed pairing. As marijuana continues to grow in popularity, the culinary world has certainly taken notice, and there’s a wealth of information available to find the perfect combination of cannabis and cuisine.

Below, we’ve listed some popular marijuana and classic main dish ideas to pair with each. These perfect matches will be enough to impress even the most sophisticated palate, and you’ll find options for both indica and sativa fans. Try these pairings on your next dinner date to take things to a higher

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10 Summer Grilling Ideas: Simple Steps to Delicious (and Faster) Meals

Fire is a mighty ingredient all on its own, adding an alluring smokiness to meat, seafood, cheese and vegetables. So skip the marinade: Grill your ingredients with only oil and salt, and over unrelenting direct heat for a crisp char. Then season them hot off the grill. This style of cooking takes little time and less planning — and can simplify and shake up dinnertime.

For a good time grilling, heed these tips:

Prep your ingredients, and get the grill super hot. Choose something slender and sturdy (like asparagus or scallions) or lean and marbled (like skirt steak or shrimp)

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