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CookUnity review: Celebrity chef-made meal delivery at an affordable price

I bet you didn’t think you could get Jean-Georges Vongerichten to make and deliver dinner to your door for just $10. Well, you can’t really, but CookUnity promises something sort of, kind of similar in its prepared meal service that’s also a “collective” of some seriously celebrated chefs. 

The three-year-old meal delivery operation has dedicated a healthy slice of brand ethos to providing an avenue for chefs — both of the famed and up-and-coming variety — to peddle their food when folks can’t make a reservation. Each and every one of CookUnity’s ready-to-eat meals has a chef’s name attached to

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Man found urinating in couple’s driveway after food delivery in Liverpool

A delivery man from Uber Eats was seen urinating in the driveway of a couple after delivering their order in Liverpool, UK.

The man who came on a cycle for delivery, after parking it, delivered a McDonald’s order to the couple’s house in Clubmoor. After delivering the package, he was seen urinating right next to the couple’s car which was parked there, Liverpool Echo reported.

Thomas, 25, lives in the house with his girlfriend Stephanie. He told Liverpool Echo, “I went to work and my girlfriend, who works for the NHS, came home and ordered a McDonald’s from Uber

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The 10 Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services for 2021

For those with a severe gluten allergy or celiac disease, finding meals that are truly gluten-free—meaning no cross-contamination—can be a challenge. Sprinly, an organic, plant-based and completely gluten-free meal delivery service, is designed with food allergies in mind. 

Sprinly offers three different plans with choices of six meals, 12 meals, or 18 meals per week (depending on how many people you’re aiming to feed). Once you select your plan and check out, you can choose the meals you’d like to receive from a standard menu. The full menu is also available on the homepage and includes a wide variety

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US cop delivers food after arresting delivery driver during traffic stop. Watch | Trending

Jonesboro Police Department took to Facebook to share the video of the cop delivering food.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON JUL 10, 2021 03:30 PM IST

A bodycam footage of an officer of Jonesboro Police Department, shared on Facebook, has now created a chatter online and left many chuckling. The video shows the policeman delivering food to a house. He did so after arresting the delivery driver during a traffic stop.

The police department shared the video. “Y’all, I can’t make this up…” they wrote along with the hashtag #ProtectandServe.

The video, which captures the scene from the cop’s point

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FI Trending Topic: Home Chefs Connecting with Customers Via Delivery Apps

Shef has raised $20 million to expand its homemade meal delivery marketplace. The company helps home chefs connect with customers by handling orders and getting the food delivered, reported TechCrunch (June 2).

Back in 2019, The Food Institute reported that California became the only state to legalize home restaurants by passing the Homemade Food Operations Act. However, more cities are now passing similar laws allowing for home chefs to sell homecooked meals.


Shef works somewhat differently from city to city because of local laws. In some places, the company can tap local delivery networks to get meals

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