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Green Mediterranean diet is best for reducing harmful visceral fat

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A modified Mediterranean diet, so-called the green Mediterranean diet may bring the most benefits to those looking to shed visceral fat. Image credit: kolderal/Getty Images.
  • A recent study looked at the health effects of a new version of the Mediterranean diet called the green Mediterranean diet.
  • The green Mediterranean diet is more effective than the original at reducing the amount of visceral fat around internal organs.
  • Visceral fat has been linked to early mortality and a host of other serious medical concerns.
  • A key element of the new diet is the inclusion of walnuts, which are rich
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Plant-Based Diet May Reduce Hot Flashes, Aid in Weight Loss

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A new study suggests that certain dietary changes, including increased intake of soy, may help reduce hot flashes during menopause and aid in weight loss. Westend61/Getty Images
  • Hot flashes can be a common discomfort during menopause, but a new study suggests that dietary changes may offer relief.
  • Researchers found that a low fat, plant-based diet rich in soy products was as effective as hormone replacement therapy for reducing hot flashes.
  • Participants who followed the dietary protocol also experienced weight loss.
  • The results suggest a potential for dietary changes as a first-line treatment for hot flashes.
  • More research
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Experts Have Beef with Study Linking Depression and Vegetarian Diet

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Health experts raise questions about new research that suggests vegans and vegetarians experience depressive episodes twice as often as meat-eaters. Vertikala/Stocksy
  • A new study has found a link between meatless diets and depressive episodes.
  • People who did not eat meat were depressed about two times as often.
  • It was not possible to determine whether this was due to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Nutritionists say certain nutrients may be more difficult to obtain on a meatless diet.
  • However, meatless diets can be nutritionally adequate with good planning.

According to a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective

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Low fat, plant-based diet may reduce hot flashes by 88%

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New research suggests that a low fat, plant-based diet rich in soy may help reduce hot flash symptoms and promote weight loss. Kelvin Murray/Getty Images
  • A new study suggests that a low fat, plant-based diet rich in soy is as effective as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for reducing hot flashes.
  • The 12-week trial found that a plant-rich diet reduced moderate to severe hot flashes by 88%.
  • The diet may have also helped women lose 8 pounds on average and improved their quality of life.
  • Some experts say the study isn’t robust enough and that HRT is still
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Detox Diet: 5 Detox Teas To Have After A Heavy Dinner

We all are used to having simple home-cooked food. Our daily diet usually includes plain roti, a sabzi, and dal with some rice. Since we eat this daily, our bodies are accustomed to this kind of food. But every time we eat something from outside, we instantly feel heavy and bloated. This is mainly because the outside food is cooked in a lot of butter, oil, and masalas, leaving us with a gassy feeling. So, if this is something you also go through, detox drinks may help to soothe this feeling. Detox drinks are known to keep your body light

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