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Mediterranean diet recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

We’ve heard it for a long time now: The Mediterranean diet is the way to go, at least according to U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of Best Diets that put the eating pattern at the top of the pile six years running.

The diet is characterized by eating primarily plant-based foods, including fruits and vegetables, while also fitting in beans, nuts, whole grains, seafood and lean poultry. There is a focus on unsaturated fat from sources like extra-virgin olive oil, too. 

And it’s a good option for anyone to try, according to dietitians.

But shifting how you eat can

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62 Christmas Dinner Ideas from Appetizers to Entrees

It’s almost Christmas and the number one thing on our to-do list (besides, ya know, buying the tree and decorating the house) is planning my Christmas menu. Thanksgiving may be moments behind us, but planning Christmas dinner is of utmost importance.

Why? Whether you’re hosting a big holiday party, having family or friends over Christmas night or having a more intimate dinner beside the fireplace, nailing down the right holiday dinner menu is everything. Once you’ve selected the appetizers, say, a nice comforting soup or salad, side dishes and, of course, the main event, it will be easier to make

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Going Out For Thanksgiving Dinner? The Best Spots at the Shore

The calendar has flipped to November and now that Halloween is over its full steam ahead to Thanksgiving! The holiday centers around dinner, besides the football it’s all about the food and time with friends and family.


 Stephanie McCabe Stephanie McCabe




We all have our favorites when it comes to Thanksgiving and for me, there are a few standout dishes I just love year in and year out. First is the turkey, I’m not turkey crazy but on Thanksgiving, I have to have my share with gravy, please. Next is the stuffing. Maybe my favorite dish on Thanksgiving

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For Heroes Only: The All-Appetizer Dinner

Sheeplike, we usually follow the “coursed” dinner presentation of appetizer/entrée/dessert. Some cultures elaborate upon that basic three-step model – in Italy there’s antipasti, primi, secondi, dolce, etc. – but basically, it’s a three-step progression.

Though perhaps a bold assertion, I propose having only appetizers for dinner. Granted, it takes steely discipline to allow your eyes roam no further than the first menu section, but for the brave, the truly heroic, it’s a dinner of *only* appetizers.

Recently, we went up to Wisconsin to stay at the Grand Geneva and catch an eyeful of autumn colors. After an afternoon riding e-bikes

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White Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, many wine columnists will write about what wine pairs best with turkey. Often times, pinot noir will come up as the big winner. But keep in mind these factors: turkey is both white meat and dark meat, and it’s usually not the only dish served on Thanksgiving. And, finally, there are white wine drinkers that prefer to stick with whites regardless of the menu. Here are three crowd-pleasing white wines that complement turkey and all its fixings.

White Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

The first wine is the 2020 Unánime Chardonnay. This Argentinian wine is

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