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15 Slow-Cooker Dinners You’ll Want to Make All Summer

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5 delicious gua bao recipes on TikTok

5 delicious gua bao recipes on TikTok. 5 delicious gua bao recipes on TikTok. Gua bao is a flavorful dim sum staple that typically consists of braised pork belly stuffed into a soft, fluffy steamed bun. Tons of TikTok chefs have put their own spin on the street food classic. Check out these 5 delicious TikTok takes on gua bao. Tons of TikTok chefs have put their own spin on the street food classic. Check out these 5 delicious TikTok takes on gua bao. BBQ Brisket Bao. This TikTok chef

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‘My Mam makes the best dinners.’ Trisha Lewis shares the inspiration behind her recipes

Mam makes the best dinners. When we would come home from school Mam always had a home-cooked dinner on the table. She would have fresh spuds, vegetables and the dinners were always so filling and warming. Mam’s beef stew is something that I can just never recreate. She makes the best stew around and memories of me and all my sisters sitting down after school and drowning our dinners in vinegar still make me smile.

What food makes you happy and why?

I love vegetables, fish and lean meats. I find that the healthier the food, the happier I feel.

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10 Weight Loss Dinners That Actually Satisfy, Say Dietitians

When you’re trying to shed pounds, the smartest mealtime strategy you can adopt is eating foods that are going to fill you up. Needless to say, a plate of undressed salad simply isn’t going to cut it—but fortunately, we rounded up a bevy of dietitian-approved weight loss dinners that actually satisfy. Not only are they tasty enough to squash any craving, but they’re packed with all the nutrients your body needs for energy: protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

“Protein and fiber take longer to digest so you feel full longer, which translates to less snacking between meals, and thus, fewer

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21 Easy Summer Dinners You’ll Cook (or Throw Together) on Repeat

When temperatures soar above 80 degrees, it’s OK to use the word “cook” loosely. This time of year, dinners are often made on the fly anyway, tossed together after a day at a park or by a pool. The New York Times Cooking recipes below stick to those unwritten rules of summer cooking: They must be bright and quick, with absolutely no oven required.

This Seville-style gazpacho from Julia Moskin makes the perfect lunch or dinner on days when turning on the stove sounds sacrilegious. This chilled, creamy (but creamless!) soup takes a cool 20 minutes to blend, season and

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