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Opinion: Affordable eating for those looking to beat rising prices

Simple foods still the best healthy choice

As food is so vital to health, scrimping on wholesome food is foolish. There are few things as expensive as ill health. And while preparation time is a heavy expense, wholesome food need not be pricey.

A whole chicken boiled with onion, carrots, celery and spices makes for many portions for sandwiches and other dishes, with the broth being made into a delicious matzo ball soup. Any fowl carcass makes a great base for broth.

Frozen vegetables, so simple to cook, are delicious with perhaps just a light addition of salt. Sliced radishes

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Still Hungry After Eating A Salad? Here’s How You Can Make Your Salads Filling

In this article, we share some ways in which you can make your salads filling and delicious.

Add a variety of components like veggies, carbs and proteins (meat) to your salad to make it filling

Salads are known for being monotonous dieting foods. The majority of us have had unpleasant experiences eating bland salads with unsatisfying components, only to be hungry again soon after. Salads don’t always have to be bland and light. 

Instead, you can make salads that are tasty, gratifying, and substantial and that you want to consume. In this article, we share some ways in

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Improve focus and productivity with healthy eating habits!

Do you struggle with keeping focus? There is so much information around us that can overwhelm us and affect our attention every day. We might face brain fogging and experience draining of our cognition and brain power. What if we tell you that to have a strong focus, you need to be hydrated and well-nourished? The old adage says, “You are what you eat.” For example, if you eat something unhealthy, you tend to feel sluggish and heavy. Partaking in a healthy diet is the key to increase concentration. You need to abide by healthy eating habits to see your

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Wholly Veggie Drops a Heavy Metal Anthem for Healthy Eating

It can be considered a victory as a home cook or caregiver to surreptitiously stuff zucchini into muffins or carrots into mac and cheese, serving those dishes to people who routinely shun vegetables. Mmmm, covert cuisine.

But is it more satisfying to wait until the “victims” finish the meal, then tell them all the ingredients?

A new campaign for Wholly Veggie with the saucy tagline, “Haha you just ate vegetables,” goes one step further. It adds a hard-driving heavy metal soundtrack that says to its unsuspecting snackers: you just got punked, and your tormenters are really enjoying the moment.


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Time-restricted eating synced with circadian rhythms aids weight loss

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A new study suggests that weight gain due to food consumption at inappropriate times may be attributed to impaired thermogenesis. Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • Eating at odd times of day is associated with increased food intake and elevated risk of obesity.
  • A new study in mice suggests that increased weight gain due to food consumption at inappropriate times may be attributed to impaired thermogenesis, the process of burning calories to release heat, by adipocytes or fat cells.
  • The adipocytes showed rhythmic changes in the levels of thermogenesis that aligned with the light-dark cycles, and
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