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5 Mughlai Curries Every Vegetarian Will Enjoy

Mughlai cuisine is an inseparable part of North Indian cuisine! Even though we got this cuisine from the Mughals, we embraced it with open arms and personalised it according to the Indian taste and flavours. Traditionally, Mughlai food is heavily influenced by meats like chicken and mutton, but that doesn’t mean the cuisine doesn’t have vegetarian curries! As a matter of fact, some of the most loved North Indian veg gravies come from Mughlai cuisine. Our love for this cuisine has helped us find some of the most delicious veg gravies you can make at home. Pair these decadent gravies

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Enjoy the snacks and appetizers | Sports

Do you remember when your mom used to tell you not to have a snack or it will ruin your appetite for dinner?

Actually, let me circle back around to that but first point out that fall is here. Time seems to go by faster every year. To some, that’s a good thing, for others, not so much.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind a tad bit more time for summer but overall, I’m pumped for the fall because it means we’re that much closer to another football season and hopefully a normal one at that.

I’ve said several times in my

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Enjoy North Dakota foods with these Banquet in a Field favorites

Hosted each year in the beginning of August, the mission of the banquet was to introduce everyday consumers to the farmers and ranchers who produce our food, and to provide an opportunity for conversations about sustainable farming and ranching practices.

Tony and I embraced this mission and for five years we spent the non-summer months thinking of new and unique ways to showcase a dozen or so of North Dakota’s top crops and livestock. This list included soybeans, corn, sunflowers, wheat, honey, edible dry beans, barley, flax, sugar beets, canola, potatoes, beef, pork and lamb.

Through our participation in the

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Classic Italian dishes to enjoy in the garden on a sunny day | Food

This is food I’m going to eat in the garden as we’re still a long way from the beach and sandy sandwiches. These summer dishes are compensation to Tilly and me. The advantage of the garden is that we can lay a nice table on a classic 70s cloth.

These dishes (with the making of the fresh pasta aside, which can be done in advance) are fairly quick. It’s food you could get together while the barbecue heats, but that could stand alone as well.

This cavatelli pasta is a Pugliese classic. It doesn’t have to be served piping

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Lab-grown ‘meat’: Israelis enjoy the future with ‘food revolution’, Trending News

Diners in Israel’s central town of Ness Ziona are eating lab-grown “meat” that scientists claim is an environmentally friendly solution to feed the world’s rising population.

A restaurant in Tel Aviv sells chicken grown in a lab. This restaurant is a type of SuperMeat testing ground that hosts regular test meals and generates customer feedback while awaiting regulatory approval.

The aptly titled “The Chicken” serves burgers in an unusual setting: across the fine dining room, on the ground floor of a modest building in Ness Ziona, central Israel.

The laboratory, where experts are busy behind big stainless steel vats, can

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