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Rick and Morty Producer Promises Fans Will Be “Rewarded” By Season 5 Finale

Rick and Morty‘s executive producer promises fans will be “rewarded” by Season 5’s big finale! Following an extended hiatus after the premiere of the eighth episode, Rick and Morty will soon be returning to Adult Swim for the final two episodes of the fifth season. The fifth season overall has been divisive in some areas, but the eighth episode teased that we’ll be seeing more canonical shifts introduced to the franchise compared to the more episodic adventures of the past episodes in the season. The executive producer and showrunner behind the season is well aware of this as well.

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The Preseason: A Seahawks Fan’s Appetizer

We have all been there; staring at the menu, the anticipation of your food arriving while your stomach rumbles. You can’t wait for your entrée and decide to order appetizers to curb the craving. Whether you are feasting on delicious rolls or biscuits from Texas Roadhouse or Red Lobster, or passing the time with breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden, the appetizers are delectable, yes, but not exactly satisfying. You eagerly await the main course. 

Much like appetizers, preseason football temporarily satisfies the starving stomach for the return to the gridiron. At first, you stuff your face full of it,

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