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A Thanksgiving tradition I wish my family would give up

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition.

“What is that?” someone will ask as I sit at the table with my plate of tofu and kale with nutritional yeast. These words emerge naturally, not out of genuine curiosity but with a look on their face that suggests I dropped a stink bomb. Then, in keeping with the holiday spirit, someone else will make a joke about how they sure are glad they aren’t having what I’m having and, like a Hollywood film, hilarity ensues.

I’m not alone. Countless people who don’t — or can’t (or both) — eat traditional Thanksgiving food

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13 Vegetarian Recipes That Give Pasta and Beans a Break

Dried pasta and canned beans are vegetarian pantry staples for a reason: They are often the backbone of quick, tasty and satisfying meatless cooking. But if the sight of another box of rigatoni makes your eye twitch, or the thought of strolling down an aisle of cannellini beans triggers your fight-or-flight response, maybe it’s time to mix things up. Below are a baker’s dozen of vegetarian recipes that are light and filling all at once, featuring plenty of vegetables as well as the occasional tofu and whole grain — and they’re all worthy of a spot in your rotation. And

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16 Recipes That Give New Life to Your Fruit and Veggie Scraps

Some food scraps are too tasty to end up in the compost bin; most fruit and vegetable peels, stalks, and greens can be baked, boiled, roasted, and blended for a zero-waste meal.

About 30-40% of our national food supply is wasted each year, which accounts for 11% of US greenhouse gas emissions. Most food scraps sent to landfills and compost piles, however, are perfectly edible, inspiring cooking communities to dedicate themselves to waste-free cooking: chefs like Max La Manna and Alison Mountford (the brain behind Ends+Stems) teach their followers how to repurpose food waste in their cooking, and use

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