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Green Mediterranean diet is best for reducing harmful visceral fat

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A modified Mediterranean diet, so-called the green Mediterranean diet may bring the most benefits to those looking to shed visceral fat. Image credit: kolderal/Getty Images.
  • A recent study looked at the health effects of a new version of the Mediterranean diet called the green Mediterranean diet.
  • The green Mediterranean diet is more effective than the original at reducing the amount of visceral fat around internal organs.
  • Visceral fat has been linked to early mortality and a host of other serious medical concerns.
  • A key element of the new diet is the inclusion of walnuts, which are rich
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jj acuna / bespoke studio integrates dark green elements + antique finish into coffee shop in hong kong

jj acuna / bespoke studio designed a milanese-style coffee-to-cocktail destination bringing the coffee culture of milan to hong kong’s trendy neighborhood happy valley. the 84 sqm destination officially opened as the first and sole distributor of the famed italian GRISO coffee beans in asia, bringing authentic milanese-style coffee to hong kong.

coffeelin happy valley 1
images by xu liang leon



jj acuna / bespoke studio reimagined milan’s history and culture by infusing the space with bespoke hand-made milanese design elements from local and international artists, amplifying the brand’s GRISO coffee monopoly position. with a narrative concept that marries various design elements of milan

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