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The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide: Over 50 Options!

The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide: Over 50 Options!

The world of gravy is full of surprises for dairy-free consumers. Many brands contain whey, caseinate, buttermilk, or other forms of dairy, but there are dozens of naturally dairy-free gravy varieties, too. They include mixes, packets, and ready-to-use pouches, cartons, and jars. We have a full guide to them below, followed by dairy-free gravy recipes for those who prefer to do it yourself!

The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide with Dozens of Brands and Types (chicken, turkey, brown, beef, pork, mushroom, au jus, vegan, and more!) + Recipes

Over 50 Dairy-Free Gravy Products with Vegan & Gluten-Free Options

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Gluten-Free Options: Items with a (c-gf) are certified gluten free. Items

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A guide to new food at Summerfest

MILWAUKEE — The next best thing to the music at Summerfest is the food. There are a few new options and vendors, and I did the tough job of taste testing some of the new items.

Bottle House 42

This is a new vendor at the music festival. I tried two of their menu options: Funky Chicken and the Wisco-Poutine.


James Groh

Wisco-Poutine from Bottle House 42

Both were very delicious. From my personal view, the Funky Chicken was a good dish, done well. The crunch was there, and the spice levels were everything I wanted in a fried chicken

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2021 guide to Charlotte, NC patio restaurants in SouthPark

Bentley’s provides a high-end patio dining experience from a family owned restaurant in SouthPark.

Bentley’s provides a high-end patio dining experience from a family owned restaurant in SouthPark.


There is more to SouthPark than luxury shopping. Going up and down each street of the mall’s surrounding neighborhoods of Barclay Downs, Beverly Woods and Foxcroft, you’ll notice every inch of nonresidential space is covered with either somewhere to shop or eat.

During the day, people sip on mimosas outside of Cafe Monte French Bakery & Bistro. At night, friends gather around the fire pit of 131 Main and nibble on appetizers paired with cocktails.

Patios are no longer simply the place you

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The Definitive Guide to Healthy Grocery Shopping

As a dietitian, I am well aware that grocery shopping can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for many people. For example, many of my patients don’t know where to begin when in the grocery store and aren’t sure which foods to add to their cart.

Plus, with seemingly endless food choices available — oftentimes in deceiving packaging — it can be hard to determine which foods are truly healthy and which ones are better left on the shelves.

In this article, I explain the basics of healthy grocery shopping, including how to choose nutritious foods, create a smart shopping

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A Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Charlotte

By Beth Mack

July 6, 2021

From soul food ghost kitchens to French bistro fine dining, Charlotte has seen an eruption of new restaurants that offer only vegetarian and vegan menus, and they encompass nearly every type of cuisine. The culinary world has been abuzz with everything plant-forward and plant-based, but vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are not a new phenomenon. Some cultures and religions, ranging from Rastafarian to Jainism, have been practicing or encouraging vegetarian or vegan lifestyles for centuries. In addition, people have chosen to adopt vegetarian and vegan lifestyles for a host of reasons, with some of the

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