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Winterlicious returns, adding more vegetarian and vegan options

Winterlicious returns, adding more vegetarian and vegan options

Toronto’s Winterlicious is back after a two-year hiatus, returning with a range of fixed-price meals at restaurants across the city, including more options of vegans and vegetarians.

According to the city, this year’s program features lunch and dinner menus at more than 220 restaurants across Toronto.

Offerings from Il Fornello Danforth’s 2023 Winterlicious menu are pictured. (Handout)

Three-course fixed price lunch options range from $20-$55 while dinners range from $25-$75.

Taxes and gratuity are not included in the menu prices.

Nearly 70 per cent of participating restaurants this year are offering vegetarian meals, while almost 20 per cent are offering

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The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide: Over 50 Options!

The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide: Over 50 Options!

The world of gravy is full of surprises for dairy-free consumers. Many brands contain whey, caseinate, buttermilk, or other forms of dairy, but there are dozens of naturally dairy-free gravy varieties, too. They include mixes, packets, and ready-to-use pouches, cartons, and jars. We have a full guide to them below, followed by dairy-free gravy recipes for those who prefer to do it yourself!

The Complete Dairy-Free Gravy Guide with Dozens of Brands and Types (chicken, turkey, brown, beef, pork, mushroom, au jus, vegan, and more!) + Recipes

Over 50 Dairy-Free Gravy Products with Vegan & Gluten-Free Options

You can use these quick links to jump ahead to what you are looking for:

Gluten-Free Options: Items with a (c-gf) are certified gluten free. Items

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Biden Urged to Expand Vegetarian Dining Options at Federal Facilities

Biden Urged to Expand Vegetarian Dining Options at Federal Facilities

More and more Americans are seeking out healthier options that also reduce their carbon footprint and a directive would show leadership on the issue. Image: PRESSLAB/

A group of nearly three dozen House Democrats has asked President Biden “make a vegetarian entrée available everywhere the federal government is serving our people a meal,” including in federal office buildings, museums, national parks, prisons and military bases.

“Plant-based meals have dramatic health benefits for our people, lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Making a vegetarian entrée available at federal facilities will help federal workers and visitors get more protein

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Freshly joins plant-based craze with vegetarian options

The chief weakness of ready-made meals is that they’re low on fresh veggies, which is not surprising given that rice and couscous maintain their consistency for days; the same cannot be said for lettuce and eggplant.

Freshly is out to change that with a new line of plant-based meals, geared toward keeping pace with produce-heavy meal kits from services such as Purple Carrot and Hungryroot; the homepage of the latter displays “fresh produce” like broccoli, spinach, and seven-veggie stir-fry (though most of those ingredients are shipped fresh, not in ready-made meals). All of these services are competing for the roughly

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Minnesota State Fair 2021: The best vegetarian and vegan options

Vegan and vegetarian choices

There are SO MANY options at the Minnesota State Fair for people sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

To start, some of the most popular foods at the Minnesota State Fair are vegetarian or vegan:

  • Cheese curds
  • Fried pickles, olives, green peppers, etc.
  • Roasted sweet corn

But if you’re looking to try something new – to go beyond the basics and explore new vegan or vegetarian foods at the fair – here’s what we suggest.

Fried Green Tomatoes – Fried Green Tomatoes and Corn Fritters booth

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 11.51.40 AM

Location: South side of Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood

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