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Brutal attack on Portland coffee shop owner is ‘devastating’

Jordan Locke faces multiple charges

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Rowan Wilder was working at the Lotus and Bean coffee shop in downtown Portland last Thursday afternoon when the owner of the shop was assaulted by a customer who later allegedly assaulted 3 Portland police officers before being subdued.

Wilder spoke with KOIN 6 News while the owner recovers from her injuries — “stitches in her lip and she’s got 2 black eyes.”

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Hollywood’s Famed 101 Coffee Shop Space Returns With New Owner and New Name

Celebrated Hollywood diner the 101 Coffee Shop is getting new life, though the name itself isn’t sticking around. Instead, the space — made famous in part for its background role in the film Swingers — will become Clark Street Diner, an offshoot of the Clark Street Bread group that has been slowly expanding across Los Angeles in recent years. Owner Zack Hall confirmed the news to Eater this morning, saying that he’s taken possession of the restaurant space at 6145 Franklin Avenue, with hopes of turning the lights on sometime in September.

Hall is quick to note that while the

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S.F. cafe owner battles red tape and ‘folks who just hate everything’ in fight to open in the Mission

When Ivor Bradley goes before San Francisco’s most powerful legislative body Tuesday, he won’t be arguing for anything extraordinary. Instead, the Board of Supervisors will spend precious time debating a controversy that could only happen in San Francisco: whether to let Bradley open a coffee shop.

The fight over croissants and cappuccinos promises to be the most San Francisco story of them all — one that covers the city’s tech industry, its small business crisis, its intense NIMBY-ism and its famously dramatic fights over every little change proposed to the city’s landscape.

The latest chapter in the saga that might

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