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The 5 best fall pasta dinners to pick up from Trader Joe’s right now

Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals (Photo courtesy of Joseph Neese)

Trader Joe’s Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals includes four clusters of spaghetti squash with chunks of butternut squash in a seasonal tomato sauce made from tomato pureé, pumpkin pureé, butternut squash pureé, heavy cream, butter, onion powder, garlic powder and lemon juice. To prepare, simply thaw and cook the spaghetti squash spirals in a heated pan and then, top it off with sprinkles of grana padano cheese (which is included in the package). The spirals taste great on their own or alongside your choice of protein, such as meatless meatballs, turkey meatballs

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Peanut butter pasta could be this year’s ‘Nigella effect’ dish | Nigella Lawson

Fifteen years since she doubled sales of goose fat after endorsing it in a roast potato recipe on TV – and two since she meecro-wah-vay-gate– Nigella Lawson has revealed her bid for this year’s Nigella effect. And, promisingly, it’s cost-of-living friendly.

The anointed product this time round is peanut butter, the key ingredient in her “dreamy creamy” peanut butter pasta, and part of a new series of budget-friendly recipes created by the queen of “food kitsch” with the delivery company Ocado.

‘You then mix the peanut butter and water into a paste. It takes time but eventually morphs into a
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13 Vegetarian Recipes That Give Pasta and Beans a Break

Dried pasta and canned beans are vegetarian pantry staples for a reason: They are often the backbone of quick, tasty and satisfying meatless cooking. But if the sight of another box of rigatoni makes your eye twitch, or the thought of strolling down an aisle of cannellini beans triggers your fight-or-flight response, maybe it’s time to mix things up. Below are a baker’s dozen of vegetarian recipes that are light and filling all at once, featuring plenty of vegetables as well as the occasional tofu and whole grain — and they’re all worthy of a spot in your rotation. And

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16 Vegetarian Pasta Recipes You’ll Want to Make Forever

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Delicious homemade candy recipes from TikTok

Chefs across TikTok have been whipping up creative candy recipes that anyone with a sweet tooth will want to make. Here are 5 delicious homemade candy recipes you should try. 1. These tasty rosemary sea salt caramels have it all! They’re chewy, buttery, salty, and sweet all at once. 2. To make these grape-flavored gummy bears, the filmer simply combines grape juice, lemon juice, gelatin, and honey in a saucepan and uses silicone gummy bear molds. 3. These lollipops are vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. The filmer heats up a

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We tried ‘pasta chips,’ TikTok’s latest food trend. We’re obsessed

They’re viral for good reason, and they’re the perfect quick treat for those who love to snack on savory, cheesy and garlicky foods.

Emily Chan, aka @bostonfoodgram on TikTok, a food blogger who shared her take on pasta chips on the app in April, says she first spotted the recipe on Delish, then decided to tailor the recipe to her own flavor preferences and share it with her followers.

In her viral TikTok, which has amassed nearly 2 million views, Chan leads viewers through boiling farfalle pasta, adding grated Parmesan, olive oil and garlic and onion powder to

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