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Vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties

You can find vegetarian options at almost any restaurant now. But how many South Florida restaurants are exclusively vegetarian or vegan?

More than I thought. Restaurants that serve no animal products or use them sparingly are spread throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties now, showing widespread support for evolving eating habits.

Some serve only dishes with raw fruits and vegetables; others offer thickly stacked Impossible or Beyond Burgers designed to resemble Big Macs, with lots of fixings. Several emphasize baked goods, while others are sit-down, gourmet dining rooms showing that healthful food does not mean pick-up-at-the-counter only.

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Best New Restaurants 2022 | Best Veg Dining in the U.S.

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Each year, Vegetarian Times celebrates the best new restaurants in the U.S. serving the plant-based dining community. This year, our list contains 11 fantastic examples of culinary craft, innovation, and resilience.

Opening a restaurant is an intimidating undertaking in the best of times. Data from the National Restaurant Association indicates that at least 1 in 3 new restaurants will close within their first year — and that’s considered a conservative estimate. Restaurant owners are dealing

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The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Triangle, NC

Exterior of Fiction Kitchen restaurant
Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh. Photo: Zachery Eanes/Axios

We’ve been on the hunt for the Triangle’s best vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. Below are several recommendations, courtesy of our readers.

  • Worth noting: Zach and Lucille haven’t been to all of these spots, but we can’t wait to try them.

Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh: A frequently mentioned favorite among vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Sage, Chapel Hill: Complete with Caribbean and Persian dishes, plus good ole comfort food.

Nandini, Cary: South Indian food using traditional spices and old-school cooking.

Udupi Cafe, Cary: “Authentic South Indian flavors right from God’s own

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2021 guide to Charlotte, NC patio restaurants in SouthPark

Bentley’s provides a high-end patio dining experience from a family owned restaurant in SouthPark.

Bentley’s provides a high-end patio dining experience from a family owned restaurant in SouthPark.


There is more to SouthPark than luxury shopping. Going up and down each street of the mall’s surrounding neighborhoods of Barclay Downs, Beverly Woods and Foxcroft, you’ll notice every inch of nonresidential space is covered with either somewhere to shop or eat.

During the day, people sip on mimosas outside of Cafe Monte French Bakery & Bistro. At night, friends gather around the fire pit of 131 Main and nibble on appetizers paired with cocktails.

Patios are no longer simply the place you

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New Jersey restaurants offering more appetizers than entrees

Take a look at any modern restaurant menu and it’s clear: this isn’t your grandmother’s dining experience anymore.

Especially in the dining mecca that is New Jersey, gone are the days when just soup, salad and a plate of wings were listed as appetizers while entrees took center stage. Now at many contemporary eateries, appetizers and small plates are stealing the show when it comes to creativity and sheer number of options.

So what’s caused this change? According to restaurant owners across the Garden State, it’s about the consumer. These days, we’re looking for more imagination, more choices, more cuisines

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