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This Halloumi Burger Is My Platonic Ideal of a Vegetarian Sandwich

It’s not that I don’t love veggie burgers—I have a soft spot for Dr. Praeger’s and am in a long-distance relationship with NYC’s Superiority Burger. It’s just that, as 2020’s summer-that-wasn’t hammered home, these hot, glorious months are precious and short. In that context it’s hard to feel like measuring out 100 ingredients (one of which is cooked quinoa; one of which is baked sweet potato; one of which is cooked black beans boiled from dry with kombu and bay leaves) into a food processor, shaping patties, and *praying* that they hold together in the pan is worth all the

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Adam’s Eden food truck a pasta and sandwich haven

Gary Seman Jr.

Former fine-dining chef and current food-truck owner Adam Wallace said he can still crank out quality meals in a relatively small amount of space.

“Preparation is what makes your food great; lack of preparation is what makes your food horrible,” said the owner of Adam’s Eden, which is open for lunch, some dinners and special events on weekends.

In the Cajun pasta ($11), the chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours, grilled to Wallace’s specifications and placed atop penne tossed in Alfredo sauce, garnished with Parmesan and diced tomatoes.

“It is spicy — no ifs, ands

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