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Gwyneth Paltrow shares how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers

Gwyneth Paltrow shares how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers that will make people ‘think you’re so fancy’

On Thanksgiving Day, Gwyneth Paltrow whipped up three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers.

In a video posted on Thursday, the actress showed just how easy it is to make quick fix appetizers that will still make people ‘think you’re so fancy’.

The goop founder, 50, shared the recipes for: potato chips with caviar, something she calls the ‘Diablo’, and a sauce

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‘My Mam makes the best dinners.’ Trisha Lewis shares the inspiration behind her recipes

Mam makes the best dinners. When we would come home from school Mam always had a home-cooked dinner on the table. She would have fresh spuds, vegetables and the dinners were always so filling and warming. Mam’s beef stew is something that I can just never recreate. She makes the best stew around and memories of me and all my sisters sitting down after school and drowning our dinners in vinegar still make me smile.

What food makes you happy and why?

I love vegetables, fish and lean meats. I find that the healthier the food, the happier I feel.

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Carla Hall shares Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes, interview

Carla Hall always serves a smile with all her delicious food, and with Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes there are plenty of reasons to open another bag of snacks. As part of this collaboration, Hall has created some tasty recipes that transform those leftovers snacks into second day celebratory dishes. From sweet to savory, never is a crumb wasted.

The Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes are a concept that many home cooks crave. No one likes wasting leftover food the day after a big celebration, party or other gathering. Often some food needs a re-do, boost or just revitalization so

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