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New Starbucks Reserve store in NYC brings landmark coffee experience to Empire State Building

NEW YORK – It’s the “World’s Most Famous Building.” It’s an indelible part of New York’s skyline for nearly a century – where King Kong swatted at passing planes in the 1933 movie. It’s where Buddy visits his dad’s office in the movie, “Elf.” And Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally find each other in “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Perhaps there’s nothing that says New York more than the Empire State Building. It welcomes millions of visitors each year who take the elevator up to the iconic observation decks.


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Pittsfield Council Continues Starbucks Proposal Over Curb Cut Concerns /

Councilors and others are concerned about the proximity of the entrance and exit to the proposed Starbucks to the entrances to the Hilton Garden Inn and Guido’s.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The City Council wants a better solution for the proposed Starbucks curb cut on Route 7.

On Tuesday, the panel continued a request to build the coffee shop and drive-through at 1030 South St. 

Councilors were concerned about the entrance and exit being close to the curb cut for Guido’s Fresh Marketplace and the Hilton Garden Inn. After hearing concerns from abutters, they urged the applicant to

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Here’s How Much Your Starbucks Habit Is Really Costing You

As the contemporary poet and scholar Lizzo said, “Truth hurts.” And it’s true when it comes to your daily coffee habit. You probably already know it’s cheaper to make coffee at home; it’s simple buying-in-bulk-versus-single-item economics, with a sprinkle of consumer versus DIY culture in the mix. But if you’ve ever wondered just how much you can save by making your own coffee compared with buying it from Starbucks, I’ve done the math.

Coffee from a coffee shop can be satisfying. Whether it’s the smell that greets you without having to wait for coffee to brew, the comforting bustle

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13 Healthy Starbucks Drinks (and Gluten-Free Items)

Figuring out what to order from Starbucks can be tricky when you’re trying to eat healthy.

In fact, some of their trademark drinks and coffees may contain more sugar, carbs, and calories than some of their desserts.

Simple add-ons, such as syrups, toppings, and sweeteners, can add up very quickly, turning your simple cup of coffee into a calorie bomb.

Fortunately, there are lots of healthy options available, including several low calorie, low sugar, low fat, and gluten-free selections.

Here are 13 of the healthiest Starbucks drinks, along with some gluten-free foods on their menu (1).

1. Nitro

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