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Coffee at the Point in Five Points Closes Temporarily

Ryan Cobbins has decided to temporarily close Coffee at the Point, a business he opened nearly twelve years ago at 710 East 26th Avenue, and “67 percent of it has to do with Matthew Burkett and this lawsuit,” he says. “My first message to Matthew is: Tell me what you want.”

Coffee at the Point is one of eight Five Points businesses that have been sued by Burkett, a turn of events that has been hard both professionally and personally for Cobbins, who says that he “idolized” the developer behind the Flyfisher Group.

A few years ago, the Flyfisher Group

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A Dunkin’ coffee shop in Colorado is temporarily closing after the number of staff fell from 15 to 3 and it couldn’t find anyone to replace them

  • A Dunkin’ branch in Colorado Springs has temporarily closed because it can’t find enough workers.

  • “We’re in a major labor crisis,” said the CEO of a franchisee that manages seven Dunkin’ stores.

  • The store had only three employees on the rota before it closed, The Gazette reported

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Dunkin' Donuts

The franchisee hopes to reopen in the next few weeks. Nick Ut / AP Images

A Dunkin’ branch in Colorado Springs has temporarily closed its doors because it is struggling to find workers amid the labor shortage, The Gazette reported

Alex Apodaca, chief

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