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A Thanksgiving tradition I wish my family would give up

My family has a Thanksgiving tradition.

“What is that?” someone will ask as I sit at the table with my plate of tofu and kale with nutritional yeast. These words emerge naturally, not out of genuine curiosity but with a look on their face that suggests I dropped a stink bomb. Then, in keeping with the holiday spirit, someone else will make a joke about how they sure are glad they aren’t having what I’m having and, like a Hollywood film, hilarity ensues.

I’m not alone. Countless people who don’t — or can’t (or both) — eat traditional Thanksgiving food

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Casa Reynoso’s Mexican Restaurant is built on family tradition

Casa Reynoso’s recipes originated in Globe-Miami after two sisters came to Arizona during the depression. Today, there are restaurants all over the state.

TEMPE, Ariz. — A nana’s legacy passed down through comfort food is being shared in restaurants across Arizona today. There are several Casa Reynoso locations in the Valley, each with their own little twist on popular family recipes.

In Casa Reynoso’s back of the house, you’ll find more than 80 years of family love and memories, poured into each recipe. Sisters who arrived in Arizona during the depression in search of work, began to share their now

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