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Fast food nostalgia predicted to continue trending in 2023

There’s nothing like the Good Ol’ Days and Yelp fast food searches show we are trying to get back there.
Today, Yelp released its 2023 Trend Forecast Report and with fast food nostalgia searches up 90 percent, the prediction is it will continue to be a big thing in 2023.
The lastest blast from the past came from McDonald’s last month, where they brought back the Halloween Happy Meal buckets from 1986.
This year’s Mickey-D character names: McPunk’n, McGoblin, and McBoo, closely resemble the characters from the 1980’s. The chain is also offering adult Happy Meals, hoping to get those

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Curvy Food Seller Who Has Been Trending Online Speaks on Why Men Like Buying From Her in Video

  • A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor with a curvy look has revealed that men travel long distances to buy from her
  • Celestina Etornam, who sells gari and beans (‘gob3’) at Dansoman in Accra, said some customers travel from far to her because of her hourglass stature
  • The hardworking lady who trended over the weekend recalled how she started small with limited capital in an interview with SVTV Africa

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A hardworking Ghanaian food vendor named Celestina Etornam trended

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International Meatless Day: Mock meat dishes and other vegetarian food trending up

International Meatless Day is celebrated on November 25. It is also known as International Vegetarian Day.

The special day was proposed on 25 November 1986, the birthday of Sadhu Vaswani, the educationist who initiated a mission to adopt vegetarian living.

It is estimated there are 50 to 68 million vegetarians in China, and the number is growing every year. In Shanghai alone, there are 298 registered vegetarian restaurants on the, a restaurant review app.

There is a long history of vegetarian diets in China. Prior to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) when meat sources were scarce, the majority of

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Trending plant-based dishes to add to the menu

Photograph: Basic American Foods

While a majority of consumers do not follow a strictly plant-based diet, many Americans are increasingly interested in meatless or plant-based dishes when dining out. According to Technomic’s 2021 Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report, 78% of consumers allow all meat, fish and dairy in their diets, but that’s down from 82% in 2016. While plant-based diets are still the minority, restaurants are wisely upping the number of meatless options on menus, both for diners who never eat meat as well as those who are simply curious to try a dish that

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Pink food is trending, adding a healthy, rosy glow to the menu

Photograph: Shutterstock

Pink foods are trending on menus, but they’re doing more than looking pretty on the plate. That rosy color is a sign of healthy antioxidants.

The pink trend is one of seven predicted by Restaurant Business’ sister company, Technomic, in its U.S. trend whitepaper released last week, “What We Foresee for 2023.” According to Lizzy Freier, Technomic’s director of Menu Research & Insights, “this happy, photogenic color for food and drink also denotes antioxidant-rich health benefits in some cases.”

Smoothie, juice and health-focused fast casuals have pushed those benefits in pink-hued items such as dragon fruit bowls and

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