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The Vet Chef Food Truck Is Helping Veterans One Burrito at a Time

Kyle Gourlie, co-owner of The Vet Chef food truck, photographed outside Bothell City Hall in Bothell, Washington, in October 2022.

Meron Menghistab
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This story was created as part of Project Tell Me, a series running across Women’s Health and Men’s Health to celebrate the contributions of U.S. military veterans and spotlight some of their voices. Read the rest of the profiles in this package here.

THE TRANSITION FROM military service to the civilian workforce can be daunting. For battle-tested veterans, it can feel more foreign than an overseas deployment.

“They come into a workforce straight out of the military, and

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Adam’s Eden food truck a pasta and sandwich haven

Gary Seman Jr.

Former fine-dining chef and current food-truck owner Adam Wallace said he can still crank out quality meals in a relatively small amount of space.

“Preparation is what makes your food great; lack of preparation is what makes your food horrible,” said the owner of Adam’s Eden, which is open for lunch, some dinners and special events on weekends.

In the Cajun pasta ($11), the chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours, grilled to Wallace’s specifications and placed atop penne tossed in Alfredo sauce, garnished with Parmesan and diced tomatoes.

“It is spicy — no ifs, ands

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